Posted by: mick | November 7, 2008

The old, the new, and the new to me

First off, it has to be said.  I feel so proud to be an American right now.  What an amazing time to be alive.  That is all.

Secondly, I’m making progress on the engagement sweater.  It’s just about done, but not completely.  Working on the collar, I got really bored.  I also just needed something I could work on and not screw up while watching the returns Tuesday night, so I cast on for the Stacked Eyelet Cowl.

stacked eyelet cowlI cast on too much.  This is competely my fault.  The pattern doesn’t name a gauge that I could find; it’s more a recipe.  However, it’s for sport weight yarn on US 5 needles.  I cast on using a DK weight (more light worsted to me) on size 4s.  I should have known that it was too big immediately, but I just ignored the obvious.  The thing is enormous, so I’ve decided to rip out.

I want to cast on for a different cowl, something that will use up more yarn, but I’m not sure what.  Any suggestions?  I’ve got about 290 yards of a great, cashmere/merino blend yarn.  So lovely.

Also in new developments, I’ve recently discovered the wonder that is Ebay.  I know, I know, Ebay was so news ten years ago.  But look what I got!  vintage frye campus boots

I’ve been drooling over Frye Campus boots for years.  I thought that, this year, I’d save my Christmas money and spring for a new pair (which run about 280 bucks.  Yowza!).  But then it occurred to me: the Ebay is a wondrous thing.  I bid in the last minute and snagged these amazing, vintage Frye Campus boots, in the most beautiful saddle leather.  They’re barely worn, and are perfect.  And I saved myself 200 bucks!

Before I head out for a delicious Indian feast with some friends and my love, I want to say thanks for all of your kind words about our engagement photos.  We’re pleased as punch with them, and your kindness really made me smile.  Today we booked our tickets/room for our honeymoon, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Prague, here we come!



  1. what about the chickadee cowl? i’ve seen some lovely versions in fingering weight yarn, even though it is written for bulky. it’s on my list to make out of sock yarn. soon.

    cute boots!

  2. Mick,

    Too bad about that cowl, cute pattern and gorgeous yarn! Hope you try again.

  3. Mick,
    PRAGUE!!! That is really amazing to me as that is where I have wanted to go since seeing photos of the city a few years ago! I am so excited for you two, and I look forward to seeing pictures.

  4. Cool boots! I have been wanting some boots, but I decided to wait until I move to a colder climate where I could actually wear them. I have also been wanting to knit a cowl, so I’m looking forward to how this one works out. Prague will be awesome! I was there a few years ago and loved it. It has a very old feel. (Also everyone there is tall. Being less than 5 feet myself was like wearing a giant sign that said, “Hey, I’m not from around here!”

  5. Love. The. Boots!

  6. I’m not up on my cowl patterns, though I know I’ve seen a lot of beautiful ones out there – I’m sure you’ll find something suitable 🙂 But, another option might be to wear the cowl as a tube top or miniskirt 😉

    Those are great boots!

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