Posted by: mick | October 5, 2008

Le sigh…of relief.

First of all:  Thank you all SO MUCH for such kind words after my last post!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the knit-blogging world is such a wonderful place.  I was sitting over here, whining and feeling alone, and then all of your comments came pouring in.  Your encouragement and support did so much to get me out of my pity party/stress-filled funk this week.  You are all such amazing people.  Thank you!

I really do feel much better compared to last week.  My first “No Wedding Tuesday” was such a success; it really helped.  Since I’ve got so much to do, the wedding is always in my head, even if just as background noise.  Being able to quiet that for an entire day was so great.

I even got some knitting and spinning done this week as a result of my improved, more relaxed state, but that’s not what I’m posting about.  Last night, I finished our save the dates, and wanted to post them for anyone who was curious.

Sorry for the little bit of fuzz that ended up on the one on the left.  Of course, I take 100 pictures, and the only one that turns out on this grey day has meshugenah on it.  Oh well.

We used this tutorial from Martha Stewart (who is swiftly becoming my own personal hero) to make save the date bookmarks.  I really liked this idea because, not only is it different and functional, it also reflects our personalities perfectly.  What do you send for the wedding of two grad students in English lit, who met in grad school, teach, and read profusely (aka are giant nerds)?  Bookmarks are perfectly us.

The tutorial is clear, and these ended up being quite easy to make (as well as economical).  We found a packet of coordinating papers at Target, most of which contained yellow and gray (our colors) and we’ve got a ton left over.  We then got heavy printer paper for the date band, and used the same color for the backing, where we’ve got a link to our wedding blog for our guests.   They were really fun to make, actually, and I love the results!

Here’s another shot where you can see my favorite version on the right, and the silver that was in the red and yellow paper.  I love that they’re so bright and fun, look handmade, and will hopefully come in handy for all of our guests before the wedding.



  1. So Cute!

  2. i’m sorry i missed a chance to send some encouragement, because, seriously, WHENEVER i feel bummed (which was a lot last week) i put your mix on and feel so much happier!

    i’m glad you’re a little less stressed, and those save the dates are completely awesome. i know it’s a thousand tons of work… but seeing your creativity makes me wish i had done more creating for my wedding 🙂

  3. oh my goodness Mickles I LOVE them! They turned out so amazing. You guys rule!

  4. They are so pretty! And you are getting married on my one year anniversary. Great date!! We had yellow and green as our colors! Yellow makes me so happy.

  5. Yay! They look AWESOME!

  6. Those are so cool! You are well on your way to a wedding of awesomeness!

  7. Oh, wow, what a great idea for save-the-dates! They look incredible.

  8. I’m glad you’re feeling less stressed 🙂
    Those bookmarks are a wonderful idea (and so pretty).

  9. Hi Mick,
    My bookmark arrived today and it is soooo cute! Great job, so good in fact, I will not be able to use it…I need to SAVE it! Your creativity always amazes me and I always look forward to the next creative idea.

  10. […] the Date Bookmarks (blogged here).   I’m pleased as punch with the way they turned out, and have a ton of paper left over […]

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