Posted by: mick | October 1, 2008

Under pressure

Hi, all.  I apologize for the lack of posting lately, which it seems I’ve been saying every time I write a new post.  Life has been more hectic than usual around here.  I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and teaching and, to top it all off, the wedding planning is nearly killing me.

I love lists.  Whenever I have things to do, I sit and make lists, and I squeal with delight when I check each item off.  It makes me feel in control, I guess, to see that I’m actually getting something accomplished.  The thing with wedding planning is that the list goes on forever.  I never feel like I’m actually getting anything accomplished; instead, it seems like my wheels are just spinning forever and I’m not going anywhere.

Lately we have gotten some things done.  I’ve been working on the Save the Dates in the evenings when I don’t have class/reading/writing (which, let’s face it, is rare), and they’re almost done.  I’m really pleased with the way that they’re turning out, and I’ll show them here if anyone is interested when I’m through.  Other than that, we’ve been running around meeting bakers (a gross misadventure), we registered for gifts on Friday (not as much fun as it sounds), and I feel like every spare moment not devoted to schoolwork is spent researching things for the wedding or setting up appointments.

This means that the knitting and spinning has slowed to a near halt.  This is problematic, as I wanted to get J’s engagement sweater done in time for our engagement photo session.  I’ve got about 1-2 weeks, TOPS, and I just started the second sleeve last night. I’ve really got to hustle on this one.

One thing I’ve realized, after my wedding-stress induced freak-out this weekend, is that I’ve got to force myself to make some time for me.  I’ve really got to combat this stress, because it’s to the point that it’s affecting my sleeping schedule.  So, I’ve made a few changes over the past few days, and I feel better already.  First, I’ve stopped having any caffeine at all.  Second, I’m trying to take time out for myself to relax, whether that means an hour of yoga in the evenings or knitting and watching a movie one night a weekend.  I’ve also instituted a “No Wedding Tuesday,” during which I will not discuss the wedding or do any sort of planning, including making lists.

Yesterday was my first and, after finishing my work for the evening, instead of working on Save the Dates I watched a movie with Jason.  During the movie I did some knitting, and spun up an entire bobbin of singles (my first spinning since my last post).   Whether one day a week off from wedding planning will make any difference, I don’t know, but I do feel more relaxed today.

The funny thing about all this is that we’re having a relatively small, relatively relaxed wedding.  Even with those caveats, the planning is overwhelming.  I can’t even begin to imagine how people handle the enormous, all-out affairs we’ve seen.  Sheesh.

So posting and knitting will both be sporadic over the next few months as the semester and planning picks up momentum, but know that they’re going on behind the scenes.  And since I can’t bear a post without photos, here’s some cute for your enjoyment.



  1. Hang in there!! The one day a week no wedding is a great idea. We did the no wedding talk after 8pm. And I have one tip for you. DELEGATE if possible. I know its hard to do, trust me I know. But utimatly it helps having someone else deal with the car situation or make the programs for you. Get that knitting in there!!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re so stressed! Event planning is always a bit stressful (says the person who loves to plan events, so much so that it’s a part of my job) but I imagine it must be even more so when it’s your wedding. Try to keep calm because it will turn out great.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that wedding planning is stressing you out! We were lucky…we had a ridiculously small-scale wedding, in my parents’ house, and my mom graciously took care of almost all of the few things we needed (ie, food for our reception). I definitely second Stephanie’s suggestion to delegate whatever you can! And one non-wedding day per week sounds like a great plan, too.

  4. I can relate . . . I got totally over-the-top stressed about our ELOPEMENT! I know, I am crazy. And also obsessed with lists!

    I used to wake up in the middle of the night, or have trouble drifting off to sleep, because an idea would hit me and I’d start obsessing and worrying that I’d forget about it by morning.

    I kept a notebook by my bed for middle-of-the-night list making and it helped . . . I’d wake up, jot something down, and then be able to drift back to sleep worry-free.

    I know it sounds compulsive . . . but yeah, that’s me 🙂

  5. Ah, but the results will be worth it! The best advice I got was spend money on the flowers (at least the ones for the wedding party) and the photographer – the pictures will be what you return to again and again. I dodged wedding stress by just letting my mom do everything!

    I’d like to see your save-the-dates, especially if you made them yourself! Gotta love crafty brides!

  6. “I can’t even begin to imagine how people handle the enormous, all-out affairs we’ve seen. Sheesh.”

    They hire people to make the lists and do many of the tasks for them. Just sayin’

    As for the listmaking overwhelming stuff… I hear you. My wedding is in 30 days and the list of things left to do is scaring the crap out of me. I lie awake nights remembering things I need to get done for the wedding.

    You are not alone!

  7. i am so sorry you are so stressed out. just remember that in the end it will all be worth it. I think it is a great idea to give yourself one day a week to yourself. i think it will make a world of difference. Hang in there – think of it as making memories!

  8. Hi, honey. I love lists too. Go figure!

    I think having one day to relax and do what you want, and taking an hour a day for yourself is also a wise decision. I also am guilty of not doing that sometimes. But, I’ve gotten better at it. I’m really anxious to see your “Save the Dates”. I imagine they’re awesome, like my extemely talented, brilliant, beautiful daughter, whom I love so very much.


    Love Mom

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