Posted by: mick | September 6, 2008

Let there be knitting, and spinning, and sweaters, and fingerless mitts, and hats, and…

I’ve got the Fall fever something fierce.  This week was really hot on my teaching days, but then Thursday was a gorgeous, lush, pouring rainy day.  We’ve had a dry last month, and I could feel myself relaxing and cheering up as it poured outside.  There’s nothing like a rain day.

I have been doing some knitting, though I know my knitting/spinning/sewing/blogging will slow down as school starts up.  The good news is that I love my classes, and so I won’t really begrudge the time I spend prepping for them.  Let the learning commence!

On the needles right now, I’ve got three major projects:   Jason’s Engagement Sweater (working on the right front), my CP(n)H, working on the back, and my wedding shawl, which is on the second main repeat.  These are all large projects and relatively slow going, and so when we went on vacation, I brought my bag of sock leftovers and some lofty goals.

I have three friends who are expecting baby boys over the next two months.  I brought along the bag of scraps and my copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac, and set to work on the much lauded (and it deserves some lauding, let me tell you) Baby Surprise Jacket.  I finished one entire sweater on vacation, and I’ll preview it here.

Baby Ambus Jacket

Baby Ambush Jacket

Jason named it the “Baby Ambush Jacket” because the colors ended up looking like camo.  I will say that I’m really worried that this will be too small.  My mom kept assuring me that babies are small but, really, this will fit a human?  Weird.  I’ll give the details after I drag my behind to the fabric store for some buttons and block it, but let me tell you how much I loved the pattern.  I love it so much that I immediately cast on for a second one out of some other, much brighter, leftovers.  The second BSJ is near completion as well!  Such a fun, quick, and interesting pattern.  And no purling in sight!

In spinning news, I think I’m getting it.  Since we’ve been home I’ve been spending a little time at the wheel, and I produced this from my “Harbor Lights” roving (70/30 Romney/Mohair).

I’ve got about 70 yards of DK/light worsted yarn there, and I’m so pumped about it.  It’s incredibly even compared to my last batch, and even almost perfectly balanced pre-washing!  I will say that, while I’m enjoying spinning with mohair, I probably won’t adore the finished yarn.  Something about mohair’s fuzziness gets to me.  I’ve still got a ton of the roving left, and so I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do with the finished yarn.  Perhaps something nice and stripey?

I will admit that I love the colors.  The roving looks primarily yellow and purple, but upon spinning I really was able to see the pinks and greens in it as well.  It ended up looking both heathered and bright, and I think it would look lovely with a more muted color to calm it down.  Overall, I’m so excited about this yarn.  I think I’m finally getting this spinning thing down!



  1. hooray for your spinning. looks bee-yoo-ti-full. if i can finish a respectable chunk of reading, i have hopes of spinning a bit more on my spindle and then attempting some plying…

  2. Wow! You have been busy crafting it up over there! :o)

    I am supposed to be doing a BSJ jacket this fall and can’t wait!!

    Gurl I can’t stand mohair at all b/c of the fuzzy factor and it ends up on EVERYTHING!! Ugh!
    But it is good you clockin’ in some spin time! :o)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Great job with the spinning!

  4. Were those all scraps? The colors go so well together… you must have a lot of scrap yarn!

    The spinning looks great, I can definitely see the improvement. Soon you’ll be whipping out awesome yarn like nobody’s business.

  5. beautiful! congrats on the skein! (i got your blog from maple’s blog…) one thing i do: i go for a slightly (just slightly) over spun yarn–about 10% of the ply will relax and come out in the wash and soak stage, and end up with a balanced ply instead of a looser slightly underplyed. depending on what you want, it might matter. shawls, okay for underply, socks maybe a little tighter. anywho, have fun!

  6. That yarn is just gorgeous – go you! I’m into my second week back at school and really like all my classes. Now I’m nervously awaiting the oddballs to make themselves known! x

  7. The BSJ looks fantastic, as does the spinning!

    I’ve got Fall fever something fierce, too. I wish the weather would cooperate a bit more, though!

  8. Love those colors . . . VERY you! I am so impressed by the spinning lady . . .

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