Posted by: mick | September 2, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

Today was the first day of fall classes, and at 92 degrees it did not feel like it.  Luckily I’m teaching in the new, very air-conditioned building on campus.  Score!

Morey's Pier

Morey's Pier

Two weeks ago, J. and I were able to take our first vacation in over two years.  We went on a trip to Florence together in the spring of ’06, but since then we’ve been moving a lot, applying to schools, and getting settled in new cities.  My mom was really generous and offered us a place in a condo she rented in Cape May, NJ (that’s “down the shore” for all of you Philadelphians), and we were lucky enough to spend 4 whole days there.

I didn’t take many photos, but I think that’s a good indication of just how much fun we had.  Our days were

It's not water-ice, it's wooder-ice.

It's not water-ice, it's wooder-ice.

so relaxing, spending time lounging on the beach or by the pool, getting our butts kicked by the waves, eating delicious meals prepared by Basia at night, knitting in front of the tv, and just having fun.

We spent one night in Wildwood, which sure has changed!  It was a really run-down town when I was younger, but now it’s much cleaner, safer, and more family friendly.  This is the beach we visited most when I was a kid, and it’s still my favorite.  I love the boardwalk at night: the crowds, the rides, the food and games.  I love the cheesy boardwalk junk shops and the old time photos.  Jason had never been to a real boardwalk, and I don’t think he was disappointed.  We went on two roller-coasters (One of which goes upside down AND frontward and backward.  I have the coolest mom ever for going on with us!), and my personal favorite, the Himalaya.  Always a giggle fest.

Billy from Philly's favorite place

Billy from Philly's favorite sweet shop

And of course, no trip to Wildwood would be complete without a visit to Laura’s fudge.  This was one of my dad’s favorite treats, and I always brought some back for him when I went to the shore without him.  We got a pound and, in honor of my dad, ate the whole box.

My favorite moment down the shore was with my mom.  We were hanging out on the beach on our last day in town, and it was perfect beach weather: no clouds, a great breeze, not hot at all.  Mom and I started picking up a few rocks casually while chatting on our towels, and soon we both wandered in all directions, picking up rocks and depositing them back on the blanket when our hands were full.  We’d call to each other across umbrellas and blankets, “Oooooh, look at this one!”  I felt like a kid again, especially when I packed the two giant bags full of rocks in my carry-on bag for the plane home.  Miss you already, Basia!

So that’s it.  I had a nice visit with family on Sunday and saw my Pop-Pop Monday, and then flew home in time for orientations and class preparations.

I’m not much for summer.  The heat and humidity get to me and, as much as I love having days off, I’m always aching for fall weather and school to start by mid-July.  That being said, this was a really special summer for me, and I’m sure my memories of the Jersey shore will keep me feeling warm all through this fall.



  1. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. You sure brought back a lot of childhood memories for me. I haven’t thought of that time on my life for years. What fun that was!

  2. you can’t beat a holiday with your mum to make you feel like a kid again. the boardwalk looks amazing too x

  3. Fudge? Did I hear someone say fudge? Yes please! I don’t understand the people who get excited about saltwater taffy on the beach. FUDGE is where it’s at!

    When I lived in Delaware, my knitting group had a “knitting retreat” in Cape May. Unfortunately it was during school so I couldn’t go, but hopefully I’ll be back one day! Boardwalks are so fun!

    And I’m going to have to look up what water-ice is – is it like a frosty?

  4. what a great post, it’s like i was there! sounds like the kind of trip that will make you smile for many years to come.

    i used to love when my parents went “down the shore” and got me saltwater taffy. i had no idea there was fudge… how very sad…

  5. Wow, what a fun post! And how awesome, that you guys got to have a nice vacation like that before school gets all crazy again.

  6. I miss you too sweetheart. We really did have a fun vacation together. The weather was perfect and the time we shared was also. I love you both.

    Basia XXOO

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