Posted by: mick | August 28, 2008

A whole lotta fiber

MI Fiber Festival 2008

Originally uploaded by ms. mcgee

When I first mentioned to my fiberry friends here that they might enjoy a trip to the Michigan Fiber Festival, one was quite perplexed. After a moment’s silence she asked, “Is it just a lot of, like, beans?”

All I had to do was tell her about the llamas, and I was in. This girl loves her llamas and, really, who could blame her?

Last year Jason and I schlepped to the festival, conveniently only about 45 minutes away in Allegan, less than a week after moving here. I was so excited: I’d never had a car while being a knitter, and it was my first festival. I got a lot of yarn last year (most of which is still languishing, unknit, in the stash), and we had a great time. This year, he stayed at home with a friend’s husband and played WOW, while I carpooled with two friends to the fest.

As Jason says, I’ve kind of spread knitting like the plague around here. Since I’ve come, a bunch of grad students have started getting together at each other’s apartments and knitting/crocheting, and two new people have learned since I’ve been here. We always have a great time, and I feel that part of this is because knitting and graduate school seem a natural fit: it is a great way to pass the time while in a myriad of meetings, and it’s a wonderful way to relax after a stressful day of teaching and taking classes. When you combine that with the location of our school, smack dab in the middle of Michigan’s “Snow Belt,” you’ve got the perfect storm for a hotbed of knitting activity.

Anyhoo, the two people I went to the festival with are relatively new knitters. They’ve both tackled scarves so far, and are looking to branch out into projects of the non-rectangular variety. I felt such a shift from my trip last year. While a year ago I was wandering around starry-eyed, trying to figure out yarn weights and requirements, this year I was the one answering, not asking, questions. My friends were too funny, calling me the knitting guru no matter how much I explained I have left to learn. They both got some gorgeous, local yarns, and I can’t wait to see what they knit up.

I stuck to my vow to only buy fiber, and came home with some fluffy bags of awesomeness. Head to my Flickr page for details. I’ll be off spinning until the next time you hear from me!



  1. Ooh, look at all that fibery goodness! That comment about the beans really cracked me up 🙂

    One of your “related posts” is “Player Quotes from Football Media Day.” Weird!

    It’s always nice to have knitting buddies – it seems like knitting is one of those things that a lot of people want to know how to do, but they don’t actively pursue it until a knitter falls into their lap. Thanks for bringing some more over to “our side”!

  2. I’m so jealous! All of that fiber looks gorgeous. I am counting the days ’til Rhinebeck…

  3. I, too, am something of a knitting & fiber evangelist, and I’ve sent a few folks to the “Moving Beyond Rectangles” Rav group for extra moral support when embarking on that “I’ve made a scarf what now” projects.

    Never been to a fiber festival 😦 I do have fantasies about being an alpaca farmer though . . .

  4. Oooh, looks like a nice fiber haul!

    Oh, how I love llamas and alpacas. I’m so excited about the local fiber festival coming up, because I’ll get to see alpacas!

  5. The llamas would just make the festival for me too. And you a guru – how exciting!

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