Posted by: mick | August 14, 2008

Busy bee

I’ve been light on the posting, mainly because I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  School is beginning again, and we’re going on vacation back East for a week coming up.  While vacation is exciting, it takes away a week of getting things done right before the semester starts.  So, this has left me with a huge to do list and, while I’m slowly ticking things off of it, I’m feeling rather freaked.  I’m excited to go home and visit with family, but it’s just not the best time for a vacation.  I tend to panic as the school year gets closer, and I feel kind of buried right now.  I had a bunch of wedding things I wanted to get done this summer, and I’m not even close to completing most of them.

My primary source of relaxation this past week has been watching the Olympics and spinning up a storm.  Remember that roving I dyed a week ago?  Well, it now looks like this:

It’s tough to see here, but the yarn is rather pretty.  The sun bleaches out the colors a bit, but in reality there is a lot of variation in the orangey red, and the green goes from hunter to teal.  You can see some major thick and thin spots there, but my later hanks, which are still drying, are much more even.  As I spin, I can feel myself getting more and more in control of the movements, becoming more able to tell when to adjust tension and my speed.  It’ll still take me a while before I can spin a really even, lightweight yarn, but I can tell I’m improving.  In the end, I’ve got about 100 yards of heavy-worsted-to-bulky Corriedale two-ply.

I’ve also figured out how to ply smoothly.  I use one hand which, I know sounds weird and probably goes against some spinning decree somewhere, but it’s been working for me.

So that’s it for now.  This weekend is the Michigan Fiber Festival, and I’m driving a carload of knitting grad students up to Allegan on Sunday.  Look for me, local knitters!  I’ll be the one in the studded purple glasses, buying roving like it’s going out of style.  No yarn for me!



  1. What are you going to do with the yarn? I love the texture in the ply, and the lovely rusty colour.

    I’ve still got another six weeks til uni starts again, but am already panicking about how much I’ve got left to read. Good luck!

  2. Well keep dyeing and spinning to relieve some of your stress, especially when school is in session!

    Have a great vacay and fun time at MFF!!!

  3. I know exactly how you feel about going back to school, I’ve still got just under three weeks left and already the ‘I’m meant to be teaching but I haven’t prepared’ dreams are starting. And they say teachers have it easy… Gorgeous yarn though, I bet it’s tempting to carry it round with you just to show people!

  4. Your yarn looks great! Have fun at the fiber festival…I can’t wait to see what you bring back!

  5. Wow, you’ve been spinning up a storm! The rust color will be great for fall. I’m a little jealous you get to go back to school – I’m a school nerd, and you never realize how much you will miss it when you don’t get to go anymore!

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