Posted by: mick | July 26, 2008

Sewing up a storm

Our friends here got married two weeks ago, and we weren’t able to make it to the wedding. I was looking over their registry, but it seemed that they had gotten most of everything they registered for, and so I decided to sew something for them instead. This worked out well anyway, as I really wanted to give them something a little bit more personal.

I went to JoAnn’s and got the required fabric, and tried to get something that would match with their decor. The last time we were at their place, they’d painted their kitchen wall a lovely red, and were a little nervous. It looks really great, and I know they were trying to bring that color into the dining room and living room (their place has a relatively open floor plan). So, I paged through my growing collection of sewing and patchwork books, and came up with the following after a solid afternoon’s worth of sewing.

I used the placemat and napkin patterns from Amy Butler’s In Stitches. I think that they turned out quite well. I really loved the black fabric (they’re using primarily red and black, I think), and thought that the paisley really livened it up. For the reversible, matching napkins, I chose a small red and tan check. I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, except I chose to top-stitch around the entire border of the placemat; I really like the neat edge it gives, and I also loved the light red thread contrasting with the black and white fabric.

I must say that this project has really made me feel more confident in my sewing abilities. I had to cut a lot of pieces, line things up, and even use interfacing. This is a big deal for me! Overall I’m quite pleased with the way they came out. I hope our friends like them!

And here’s another picture, because I’m proud.



  1. Mickles.

    You did such a great job on these placemats and napkins. You SHOULD be proud. You are very talented, and everything you touch, turns golden!!! What a gift.

    And that spinning wheel, WOW! Looks complicated! You’re amazing!!!

    Love you


  2. They look fantastic! What lucky friends you’ve got.

  3. Your fabric choices are lovely! I always appreciate handmade gifts most of all.

    I’ve been noticing that alot of sewing machines came out of hiding this weekend…including mine.

  4. yes, you should be!

    i love topstitching, a little too much. sometimes i make so many rows of it, the fabric stands up like it’s made of marble…

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