Posted by: mick | July 23, 2008


Does anyone remember that commercial?  For AT&T?  The one with Sven, the giant guy who managed the household, monitoring stocks, scheduling appointments, and handing out giant, matching sweaters at the end?  Here’s a refresher:

I love Sven.  I’d chuckle every time that commercial came on; he was so sweet with the sweaters.  Anyway, the name Sven has become forever linked to the idea of hand-knit sweaters in my mind, and so it is natural (to my infallible logic) that my first wheel be named after him.  So meet Sven, the harbinger of all things woolly and warm:

The lighting is kind of crappy because our living room is decidedly dark.  There he is, sitting snugly in my new spinning nook in the living room.  He’s an Ashford Kiwi, and I got a great deal on him on Ebay.  He came with the high-speed adapter kit, so once I improve I can practice spinning finer yarns.  I kind of love him, and will be buying some wax this weekend to seal him up nicely.

I’ve been practicing, and I think I’m slowly but surely improving.  You can see the two filled bobbins sitting there on the pedals on the lazy kate; I put them there so they’re in the picture.  You can also see, looking closely, that my first effort at plying was a total mess.  I plan to walk away from plying for a bit; instead, I’m going to practice until I can spin a nice single; really get that rhythm of treadling and drafting down, and then try plying.  In the meantime, I’m going to dye the 1 lb. of white Corriedale that the seller threw in so that I have a pretty single I can knit up.  I get frustrated easily, and so my spinning sessions are short, but I definitely will stick with this.  I can see how, when one really gets going, this could become very soothing.

It’s safe to say that my primary haul at this year’s Fiber Festival will be of the not yet spun variety.



  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting! Someday I want to own a wheel (but it probably won’t be for awhile, especially if I’m going to have to replace my camera).

    Sven is *so* the perfect name for him. I can’t wait to see what you and Sven spin up!

  2. I totally love Sven!! I have wanted a Sven ever since that commercial came out.

    What a fun new toy… I look forward to seeing the breathtaking results!

  3. sven is my favorite! i love when he gives the schedule to “short one”. i wish there were more svens…

    that wheel is beautiful, my eyes popped when i saw it. and by the way, your socks avec mary janes are genius.

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