Posted by: mick | July 15, 2008

On the joy of sewing

Yesterday, I finally did it.  I sewed, successfully.  Jason left to teach at 2:30, and I sat down with my already begun Mother’s Day projects to give the newly tuned-up Danuta a whirl.  She did not disappoint.  After one hour’s sewing away, I produced 8 lovely, quilted coasters for our mothers.

Back in May, J. and I headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and played with the fat quarters.  We chose two motifs for each mother, and wanted them to reflect their personalities as well as their home decor.  Deb just had her living room repainted, and was framing some of her photos from Sedona for a southwestern vibe.  As she and Gil got married in Sedona last January, we thought these fabrics were perfect.  They reminded us of the beautiful red rocks that set the background for the ceremony.

My mom, on the other hand, prefers more muted colors; her living room is a study in soothing colors like soft blue, sage green, and beige.  These colors are perfect for her, as well as the patterns: the leaves reflect her passion for her garden, and the paisley is a favorite of hers.  She and I both always gravitate toward paisley patterned fabrics.

So there they are.  They’re little and not difficult to make, but the project was a good step for a very very beginner sewer like myself.  I used the machine to quilt them, and even wound new bobbins so that the thread would match the fabric.  This is huge for me!  I used the quilted coaster pattern from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  I highly recommend this book; as always, the photography is gorgeous, and the patterns are really straightforward.  I used cotton flannel as batting, and it turned out quite well I think.

So there it is; two months after my sewing machine crapped out, I’ll be heading to the post office to send out the very belated Mother’s Day gifts to our two amazing moms.  We love you guys!

Today I fully intend to spend a little bit more time with the sewing machine.  I’m becoming addicted.



  1. Excellent job! Your stitches are soo straight!

  2. these are FABULOUS. your corners are perfect! i sense a garment in your future… just don’t do what i did and try silk on your first. the ever ready joann’s cotton quilting is actually great to try a pattern out on… am i getting ahead of myself?

  3. I love that book! I’ve only made one project from it, but now I will have to pick it up again. Your coasters are beautiful! Sewing is in the details – I think that anyone can figure out how to sew a straight line, but its the precision and little things (like matching the thread to the fabric) that make a huge difference.

  4. Yay, they look great! What a sweet gift for your mamas, too. I’ve been planning to do coasters and/or placemats as my first quilted project, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  5. love the leaves one in particular – beautiful!

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