Posted by: mick | July 11, 2008

WOH Friday: Short and Sweet

I don’t have a photo of today’s creativity.  I know, sacrilege!  However, please believe me when I tell you that today was a day of much creativity.  I painted my desk (which is now drying and awaiting assembly tomorrow!).  I also practiced spinning some more on my drop spindle, rearranged the furniture in our guest/craft room, crocheted another coaster from scraps, and knitted on my Clapotis.  It’s been a busy Friday.

Tomorrow I’ve got a hair cut and I’m hosting a knitting group.  I promise I’ll deliver pictures of the desk!

In the meantime, here: take a picture of Patches instead.



  1. What a cutie! I love his little mustache. I can’t wait to see your desk!

  2. i DO believe you. you are seriously the queen of week of happy. i think patches is zonked just thinking about all you’ve accomplished this week.

    by the way, i’ve listened to your creative to the max mix about 20 times this week. if i can figure out how, do you mind if i post the mix to share?

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