Posted by: mick | July 9, 2008

WOH: Hump Day

Today was a busy day. I slept in until 10, as is my wont during summer break, and then rushed around like a madwoman, as I typically do on Monday/Wednesdays. Those two days Jason teaches in the evening, and is gone from 3-10 with the car, so I have to rush if I want to get anything done outside the house before then.

Today I set to work getting my sewing/craft room organized. For my birthday, Jason spoiled me (doesn’t he always?). He themed all of my gifts “pimp my craft room” (ha!), and bestowed upon me a rotary cutter, a sewing notions organizer, a travel sewing kit, and an Ipod Nano (holy mackerel!) and a radio that it can play through. This way I can listen to my nerdy music while I sew. I think this every day, but I have to say it publicly as well. Jason never ceases to amaze me with his thoughtfulness. I’m so lucky to be marrying someone who not only tolerates my crafty hobbies, but genuinely shows interest in them and encourages me to pursue them. My dream to own a fiber farm where I’ll create/sell my own yarn and fiber is now his dream, too. I’m a lucky duck.

He also gifted me with the supplies and an IOU for paint to refinish my desk. Some of you may remember that, back in January when we put the craft room together on a whim, we snatched a desk from the basement to serve as a sewing table. It’s fine and sturdy, but it’s my landlady’s son’s old desk. Not only is the varnish a mess and stained, but the kid scratched his name and address into the front drawer. I’ve been itching to refinish it ever since.

Well, after 2.5 hours outside, sanding and priming, the desk looks something like this:

Please ignore our grody, fungusy garage. Things are actually a little further along; I stayed out there until I had two coats of primer on the whole thing, and the drawer pulls spray painted.

So that was my creativity for the day; I chose the color and we picked it up from Home Depot. It’s called Gem Turquoise, and it’s bright and cheery and fun. I spray painted the old drawer pulls matte black, and I can’t express how excited I am to see how this comes together. I will definitely have a bright, cheery place to sew before the week is through!

To that end, I used some birthday money to get my sewing machine tuned up and in working order. I’ve name her Danuta; I tend to name most inanimate objects Polish names, and this one is in honor of my Nana, who passed her down to me. She’s all tuned up and purring after having some minor parts replaced (Danuta the sewing machine, not Danuta the nana), and I can’t wait to get her sewing again.

And now I’m going to go get supplies together for tomorrow’s creative adventure: spinning lessons! Buckle up, kids, this is going to get bumpy.



  1. you are on FIRE! gem turquoise sounds fantastic. i’ve been meaning to refinish my desk as well, only i can’t get the nerve up to take the sewing machine out of it to do so.

    i’ve got a sewing item named after my nan as well– laybird vienna, my dress form 🙂

    i can’t wait to see what you do tomorrow!

  2. “Pimp My Craft Room” Haha! Luv it!

    Wow you had great birthday presents! So glad you had a (tiring) wonderful day!

  3. Wow, what an awesome birthday gift! I can’t wait to see how your sewing desk turns out…Gem Turquoise sounds like a great color.

    Have fun with the spinning! I keep meaning to get back to it again now that my back is not quite as bad as it was, but I still haven’t.

  4. I LOVE reading your blog, it is so much fun seeing what you are up to…I will miss it sorely when I am away for the upcoming 2 weeks. Have a great time sewing, knitting, crafting and dancing. I will be sure to catch up upon my return. My love to you and Jason.

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