Posted by: mick | July 5, 2008

FO: Noro Striped Scarf

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood

Yarn: Noro Kureyon; Two Skeins colorway 154; one skein each of colorway 88 and 182

Needles: Denise 7s

Started: June 24, 2008;  Completed: July 3, 2008

Notes: There isn’t much to say about this pattern; its simplicity is genius, and it produces the most gorgeous results.  I was inspired to start this by KV, who bought a few skeins of Silk Garden and didn’t know what to do with them.  We talked of doing a knitalong (my first!), but I got a little ahead; I couldn’t put this down.

I had three of the four skeins in my stash, and purchased the last at Knit New York during my trip last weekend.  I cast on the night before my trip, and the majority of the scarf was knitted during my travels.  It’s an incredibly fast knit, and watching the stripes develop is addicting.  The scarf is quite rainbow-esque, which I think is quite appropriate due to my attendance of the New York Pride Parade last week.  It’s so bright and cheery!  My love for Kureyon is no secret to anyone who reads this blog.  The colors are incredible; I’ll forgive the occasional knots and VM.  I love that Noro; I really do.

I didn’t do any major modifications, other than using Kureyon and casting on 33 stitches rather than 39 to account for my larger gauge.  The resulting scarf is very lofty and warm, and will definitely brighten up my brown winter coat.  Colorway 88 is a little darker, with mostly greens and deep purples, while 182 is more vibrant and closer to 154.  This results in a scarf with a bit of a brighter end and a more muted opposite end, but the difference isn’t nearly as noticeable as I feared it would be.  The striping takes care of any obvious differences.

I’ll leave you with pictures, and there are a ton more on my Flickr.  This scarf loves the camera.  It leaves me longing for chillier weather.



  1. Gurl you know you had me at Noro!! :o)

    Your scarf came out great!!

  2. you have been digging on the blue! i LOVE your wedding shoes & yarn… and this scarf reminds me (in a good way) of that guy from the 70’s? 80’s? who used to dress in every color of the rainbow and sing children’s songs… am i hallucinating that guy?

  3. What a beautiful scarf! Great Job!

  4. Ooooh it’s lovely. I want one!

  5. I love how bright and rainbowy it is! Definitely perfect for a dreary winter.

  6. It seems that we both had Noro in mind this weekend, didn’t we? your scarf is so pretty – it makes me smile!

  7. […] I have.  In the past few weeks, I’ve finished a bunch of projects.  First there was the Noro scarf, then the Monkeys, and now my Clapotis for KV is blocking and drying.  So Saturday and Sunday […]

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