Posted by: mick | June 17, 2008

FO: Figgy Pudding Socks

Pattern: Basic toe-up, 60 stitch sock

Yarn: Crazy4Dyeing Slender Sock in colorway Figgy Pudding

Needles: KnitPicks US 0 Circs

Started: February 15, 2008;  Completed: June 14, 2008

Notes: I’m a little embarrassed that these socks took me four months to finish.  I started them in the car on our way to Andover, NY back in February.  After that, they were tossed into my purse where I knit the occassional row during meetings, etc.  It took a while, but here they are.  They fit really well and are the perfect height; I don’t like my socks too long.

I’m pretty much in love with this sock yarn.  I got it from Stitchywitch’s destash months ago; it was doing some pretty bad pooling for her.  It’s superwash merino, so I can toss it in the wash, which is a plus for me.  It’s also not too soft, which I like in a sock yarn.  I want to feel like a sock will stand up to wear, and these definitely do.  I knit them on 0s to make a nice, firm fabric, and I was delighted at how the yarn striped for me; no pooling in sight!

To preserve the striping, I used an afterthought heel as per the YarnHarlot’s tutorial.  It was really simple and not nearly ask scary as I thought it would be to cut my knitting.  I think I hear steeks calling my name.  Noro-striped-vest-along, anyone?  I did end up with two little holes where the join is, but I don’t really care.  I’ll stitch it up if it looks like it’s going to stretch.

Another nice thing about this yarn is that the yardage is fantastic at 440 yards a hank.  This is lovely, as I’m pretty sure I used about half; I can make another pair!  Whoo-hoo!  I may end up using the yarn for booties for one of the many, many babies arriving in October.  Either way, those ends will definitely be put to good use.

Next I want to cast on for some more exciting socks.  I’ve knitted four pair, but the closest I’ve come to a pattern is the Thuja-esque pair for my Pop-Pop.  I really love the new Ziggy pattern, and I’ve got a ball of Kureyon sock to try it in.  Perhaps that will be next?

Thanks for all of the advice/condolences on the Clapotis.  I’ve already ripped out, cast-on, and gotten back up to where I left off.  I’m alternating two balls of the yarn and, while it’s not completely eliminating pooling, it’s making it much more minimal.  I’m definitely happy with the result.

I’ll probably be pretty scarce around these parts over the next two weeks.  I’ve the end of my semester, which means tons of grading and a long paper to write, and then I’m off to NYC to visit the Chief of Awesome in the wedding.  I’ll catch everyone when I return!



  1. Those are hella cute – the stripes work really well. And you’re a braver knitter than I to try the afterthought heel!

  2. I love the socks! The afterthought heel looks great…does it feel like a shortrow heel when you’re wearing it?

    Good luck with end of the semester (wow, yours is a lot later than mine!) craziness, and have fun in NYC!

  3. Hey there, I just spent several minutes reading your blog and getting to know you. Welcome to Michigan! I’m a Western graduate – many, many years ago. When you get to the middle of the state, come visit the farm. I will be at the Michigan Fiber Fest (Allegan) in August so come find me.

  4. Don’t be embarrassed about the 4 months it took to finish your socks… I have some I’ve been knitting over a YEAR! Sometimes things just get put on the back burner.

    They look great! Gotta love the superwash yarn… I won’t use anything but, due to my hand-washing laziness.

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