Posted by: mick | June 15, 2008

Speaking too soon

I should have known that, as soon as I bragged about how wonderful the Clapotis was going, I was doomed.

It started off swimmingly.  I met up with Sarah at Stitching Memories for some knitting and chit chat on Friday, and it was really lovely.  We chatted, laughed, knit, and fondled some yarn.  (She is using the most amazing yarn for her February Lady Sweater, and it was really hard to walk out of that store empty handed.)  I cast on for my Clapotis, and it was going really well for the first ten rows or so.

I continued to knit blissfully when I got home, and then I had to face the facts.  I have a pooling problem.

Note the stripey spots, right next to big blobs of white.  While normally this wouldn’t bother me, I really want this to be perfect.  So, off to the frog pond it goes.  I’m not really that bummed, to be honest.  It will be no problem to alternate skeins, and this is a really quick knit.  Plus, I just found a tip on purling the dropped stitches so as to avoid the attack of the stitch-markers, so all is well.

Other than the frogging, I’ve had a fantastic weekend.  We went to see Indiana Jones on Friday; while we both hated the movie, we went to a really really cheap theater we found in Otsego, so we didn’t feel too ripped off.  Plus, when we came out it had just stormed and, when we turned onto the highway to Kalamazoo, driving into the storm, we saw the most amazing sky.

It was so incredible; I had to risk my camera to take the picture.

On Saturday we went out to breakfast, and then headed to the Kal-Haven trail for the first time.  It’s this amazing, 34 mile trail from Kalamazoo to South Haven.  The trail used to be a railroad, and it’s so smooth and not very hilly.  It runs through gorgeous woods, and there are picnic benches all along the way, as well as old-fashioned water pumps to refill bottles.  We took it easy yesterday, as it was our first long ride, and did about 14.5 miles.  At the halfway point we stopped and had a delicious picnic lunch, played with the water pump (so cool!), and headed back.  It was such a fantastic day.

And now I’m off to grade, read, and research.  And make potato salad.  And do laundry.  I can’t wait for this semester to be over so that I can have more free time.  Two more weeks!



  1. I dont know what pooling is but don’t go nuts making it perfect, I’ll love whatever you make!

    ps: I got your suggested visually knitting situation and am very excited about it

  2. Holy cow, that storm shot is amazing! And I am so glad you didn’t drop your camera out the window 🙂

  3. I wonder how much the pooling would show up when you did the dropped stitches? It might actually get better with gaps in between. I’m sure it will look great no matter what you do! Yay for bike riding! It looks like a very fun trail… and trees, how I do love trees! (We don’t have trees in the desert, so sad.)

  4. What a great photo of the storm. Boy, we’ve been having some wild weather lately.

    Ahh. You could the M89 cinema – yes, super cheap. It’s great.

    I had a great time knitting with you – look forward to next time.

  5. I bike the whole Kal-Haven trail when I was in high school, so many years ago.

    I found your blog postings from your Clapotis in Single Silk. I just ordered the heavy-weight, and now I am almost positive I want it in Single Silk, since your’s looks so da*n great!

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