Posted by: mick | June 12, 2008

Yarn love

When KV agreed to be my Maid of Honor, I knew I wanted to knit something really special for her. Since our wedding is in May and outdoors, I thought a nice shawl would be perfect. It may be chilly, especially as the night goes on, and I thought KV deserved something lovely to warm her shoulders.

I’ve been looking for the right yarn ever since we decided upon our wedding colors back in May. I’ve only got two female attendants, and they’ll be wearing different things. I’m not really into the whole matchy-matchy bridesmaid bit, so I gave them a color and told them to pick a dress they’d wear again. I’m sort of doing the same thing with the shawls. My cousin Deanna would prefer a triangular, fine lace shawl; she’ll be going to a lot of weddings in the next few years, and she’d love something she can wear to them. So for her, it’ll be a little more formal. (I’ve already got the yarn picked for you, Den. We’ll talk about patterns soon!)

For KV, I wanted something a little less formal. My Kelly has a sportier style, and it’s also a little funky, but still pretty classic. I thought of something rectangular, as that was her preference, and wanted something she could use as a scarf on blustery New York winter days.

She loved the Clapotis. I’ve never knitted one, which I think makes me an oddity in the knitting community. I think this pattern is popular for a reason, and I’ve wanted to try one out for quite some time. The thing that always stopped me was the yarn. The Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb is, I’m sure, quite lovely, but boy is it expensive. I set out searching for acceptable subs immediately, and I found one a few weeks ago.

The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Luscious Single Silk, in colorway Stormy Weather. It is absolutely perfect. It will match the wedding shawls and, more importantly, it will match whatever KV wears after the wedding. Not only is the color perfect, however. This yarn is an absolute dream to knit with. I just knitted up my swatch, and the single is spun so smoothly. There are no slubs or unevenness at all. The silver reflects the light really subtly, and it transitions so smoothly into the light, then dark, charcoal. It’s perfectly named. It’s soft and just plain gorgeous. I got perfect gauge my first try, which has never happened. This is kismet. This is fate. I must, MUST, get a sweater quantity of this yarn. Stat.



  1. awwww i remember my yarn days

  2. silk sweater! oh la la!

    and it sounds like the shawls are going to be smashing too.

  3. Swatch photos? The yarn looks gorgeous but I’m curious how it looks knitted up. Stripes and pooling? Or more speckley?

  4. oh my god I don’t think it’s possible to be more pumped than I am right now!

    also, you get here very soon. YAY! I dont think NYC can handle all the KV/Mickles action

  5. Gurl I have never and never will knit Clapotis! Haha! But it will be the perfect shawl for your maid of honor!

    I luv that yarn. Looks so yummy!!

    Have a great weekend Mick!

  6. I love all things Blue Moon–can’t wait to see how the shawl comes out. ALSO–I’m seriously stoked to read that you’re allowing your attendants to wear whatever they want (within a color range). I did the EXACT same thing!!! It ended up being awesome–Hubster is Pakistani, and one of my bridesmaids was Indian–she wore a gorgeous blue sari. I felt like it made the whole affair a lot more comfortable, not to mention the pictures came out great. We also had a May wedding–there is no better month my friend, it’s going to be wonderful!!! (btw, I found you on ravelry–love your projects, and your blog).

  7. I also just realized what a great yarn this would be for clapotis. I have also never made it. I am debating on colors now. They have so many to choose from!

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