Posted by: mick | June 10, 2008

Yarn swap, anyone?

First, thanks so much to everyone for such lovely comments on my shawl! I’m really happy with it, and I can say, after it kept my shoulders warm in a freezing classroom last night, that’s it’s every bit as functional as it is pretty. Yay!

After the shawl, I was feeling good. I decided I’d cast on for a little, summery, cropped cardigan, and went to the ever-popular Anthropologieie-Inspired Capelet. I thought I’d use up the Rowan All Seasons Cotton I received with my membership; it’s a really lovely purple, and knits up well. I swatched and got a perfect 4 st/in gauge, and was well on my way.

Except I wasn’t. When I was knitting the swatch, I kept noticing an ache in the tendons on my left hand. I knit continental, so this was a real problem. However, being stubborn and dumb, I kept on plugging. I washed the swatch, measure the gauge, and cast on.

After one night of knitting, having to take pauses after every row to stretch my hand, I accepted the truth: this yarn, while a dream knitted up and quite pretty, is killing my hands. I don’t know what it is; I’ve knitted two entire garments out of cotton blend yarns and been fine. However, those were of Cotton Fleece (*love*), and I can only assume that it’s the touch of sproingy wool that made it bearable. This is a concern, as I’ve got some cotton/silk blends in the stash that I haven’t tried yet. Does anyone suffer when using cotton yarn? Does the silk give it any bounce, or is it painful? I guess I’ll wait and see.

So that brings me to this: Does anyone want this yarn? It’s pictured here(and on my Ravelry stash page). I’ve got three whole skeins that are untouched, and one that is partially knitted which I will rewind into a ball. The only part missing from that one ball is the swatch, which I am happy to include in case a yarn emergency emerges. I’ve been known to from my swatches in a moment of panic.  The colorway is Pansy, a nice, somewhat muted, springy purple.

While this yarn was technically my free gift with membership for joining Rowan, I consider it expensive when one looks at the cost of a subscription. I still wouldn’t expect money for it, but I’d love to replace it in my stash. Would anyone want to swap? I’d consider lots of options: similar yardage of a cotton/wool blend, any kind of wool really, sock yarn, etc. Any takers? I’d hate to waste this yarn, as it really is lovely. Leave a comment here or message me on Ravelry (I’m Muchadored there, too) and we can figure it out!

Note: While this is a smoke free home, we do have cats, and they do shed a lot during the spring and summer. Only one skein has been out; the other three have been safely tucked away in my yarn chest with their friends cedar and lavender.



  1. Would you like to have some handdyed yarn for it in return? Then I would love to swap… 😉

  2. I have some leftover cones of Zephyr that you might like . . .

  3. […] I got four skeins of Rowan All-Seasons cotton via a yarn swap with my knitting-blog buddy Mick. Aren’t they pretty? Exciting on many levels. First and foremost, when I finished Peacock […]

  4. […] and so it seems fitting that we swap some yarn eventually.  She left a message with a plea for my Rowan yarn up for grabs, and in return sent me something equally lovely, and equally […]

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