Posted by: mick | May 27, 2008

One more thing

Thanks for everyone’s comments about my last post. I’ve read some interesting posts in the same vein today, and I’ve come up with my own resolutions for at least the summer, but hopefully beyond. These ideas are as much about happiness as money to me: I’ll support local businesses and farmers, be healthier, and be overall happier, I feel, all while saving money.  They are, in no particular order:

  • Stop buying as much as possible. I won’t say that I won’t buy anything (this is just too hard when planning a wedding), but I am going to be much more cognizant of my spending habits. I’ll give myself a pass on wedding-related spending, but other than that I’m going to not buy any books, dvds, music, clothing, etc. I’ve got plenty of shoes, plenty of clothes, and plenty of things to keep me occupied. Plus, I’ve just discovered my local public library, which is teh coolest.
  • No more yarn. Period. I’ve got to get some basic lace weight in a cream color for my wedding shawl, but then I’m done. I’m really excited about knitting from my stash, actually. I’ve got so much yarn, particularly in shawl and sweater quantities, and I’m really excited to play with it.
  • Eating local food as often as I can. We went to the farmer’s market this weekend, but it was sort of a bust. It’s just too early yet to get any good produce. Most vendors were selling seedlings, which I love, and I will definitely plant a veggie garden next year. (Is it too late to plant seedlings outside this year? Do I have to do anything special, or do I just plan it and let it grow?) As soon as the fruits and veggies start coming in, though, that’s where I’ll be buying them.
  • Cut back on meals out. Jason and I don’t go to bars or movies very often; we’re a hang out at home kind of couple. However, we do spend money dining out. This is not only expensive, but unhealthy, and I really want to cut back to one meal out a week.
  • Bike whenever and wherever I can.
  • Consolidate my car trips. I really want to make one big trip once a week with the car to save on gas.

    So that’s it in a nutshell. I promise this is my last post for quite a while dealing with money, etc. I want to thank everyone for inspiring me in this way. I’m trying to take a long, hard look at the way that I live, and I think cutting back on my consumerist tendencies and supporting local farmers will really make me feel good (and make my wallet happier!). I won’t make promises because, well, I’m prone to break them, and then that makes me feel badly about myself. I will, however, do my best to stick to this plan, and I’ll definitely be returning to this post to remind myself of these goals.

    Next up: A meme, a weekend wrap-up, some socks, and a shawl.  Oh my!



    1. I completely understand about all of this and definitely want to be less of a consumerist too!
      There was a woman (on Oprah recently) LOL that made a comment that just stuck with me. On how she wants to give more back to the earth than take. And I was like Wow!!

      I am really trying first with cutting back on buying yarn too. I wish I could cutback on driving (I SO wish I could) but my job requires it :o(
      Did I mention I have been looking for a new job for about 9 months now!!
      Woe is me….Haha!!

    2. All of these sound like such great ideas! I’ve been knitting from the stash this year, and it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be – I’ve even gone to some festivals and not bought anything.

      Through doing this, I’ve realized that so much of my purchases are “in the moment things”, hence the huge stash. I really like CAP’s idea of writing down things to buy later – it makes it so you aren’t completely denying yourself.

    3. Wow, my husband and I were just talking about our goals for the summer and onward and came up with basically the exact same list! Well, except for the wedding stuff…we already have taken care of that 😉

      We already do some of them (like saving up our errands so we can do one big trip with the car on the weekends), but we definitely need to work on a lot of the others. I have a feeling it might actually be harder to get him on board with the no-new-stuff goal than it will be for me…I’m excited to knit stuff from my (rather expansive, eek!) stash and make use of the library and all of that, but he keeps eyeing new books and tech stuff 😦

      We’ll see how we do! Good luck to you guys!

    4. consumerism has been on my mind since christmas… i have a pile of sewing books from the library by my desk, and i take my tank out as little as possible. and now that i’ve started to make things for myself, shopping isn’t even fun anymore!

      i can’t WAIT to see your diy wedding in progress!

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