Posted by: mick | May 9, 2008

FO: itty bitty booties

green feet

Pattern: Magic Slippers by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer

Yarn: Great Adirondack Yarn Company Soxie in Kiwi Kenny, leftover from my Chevron Scarf

Needles: US 2 Addi circs

Began: April 26, 2008;  Completed: April 26, 2008

Notes:  One of my office-mates and fellow English nerds and his wife are expecting their first baby.  She is due any day now, and I decided to whip up something little to welcome the new wee one.  I started these on a Saturday afternoon, watched some movies/tv with Jason, and finished them that same night.  They’re a quick and easy knit, and a fantastic way to use up sock yarn leftovers.  The soon-to-be-parents decided to keep the baby’s sex as a surprise, so were requesting gifts in neutral colors.  To me, that means anything bright; I love the idea of a vivid, deep purple or bright orange on any baby.  They, however, wanted something more subdued, and asked for green.  I am unsure how colors become assigned genders, and how green somehow became considered “gender neutral,” but I willingly obliged.

The color of this yarn is great, and made for some really bright, festive booties.  The pattern is well-written and very easy.  My slippers turned out a little wonky, but by no fault of the pattern.  I, apparently, am teh suck at picking up stitches evenly.  I need to work on that.

These booties are addictive and so so so adorable.  I will recommend using superwash yarn, just to cut back on stress for frazzled new parents.  I must also tell you that they are almost dangerously cute and tiny.  Jason was somewhat concerned at the amount of cooing he heard from the living room, as I squealed and giggled at the tiny knitted footsies.  If you have a sensitive uterus, be forewarned.

This was my first baby knit, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.  I’m at the age where friends and colleages alike are procreating at alarming frequency, and I feel compelled to shower their offspring with tiny handknitted items.  They’re really addictive in their tininess, and I can’t wait to get started on more.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to knit up a second pair.  I’ve hit disaster with my Icarus shawl, and this simple garter cuteness will hopefully bring me back from the knitting edge.  I have another friend whose wife is expecting, and I’m off to comb my sock yarn stash for something that would suit a little boy.  (Again, whatever that means.)



  1. Squee! So cute!

  2. AWWWWWWWWW!! They are just adorable!

  3. Squee!! Baby booties are the best, and a perfect use for leftover bits of sock yarn.

  4. Very cute! Good luck with your Icarus shawl – I’m sue garter stitch cuteness will help : )

  5. I’m haveing trouble with these booties and must be doing something wrong for sure. I’m using 2 size 1 double pointed needles but they are so tight together I haven’t got any room to do the work. This is my first experience with booties. Can anyone lend a hand. Thank you!

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