Posted by: mick | May 7, 2008

Really, really awesome…

I’ve always had a hard time making, and more importantly keeping, friends. I was always a shy, very sensitive kid, and this hasn’t changed that much even as an adult. (Wow, I’m an adult. When did that happen?) I’ve always had a rough time communicating, which leads to a difficult time maintaining friendships. I was going through some of these difficult friend times when I met KV. We both ended up randomly living in an apartment off campus our junior year of college, and immediately after meeting we decided we should share a room. That first night after moving in, we stayed up really late just talking and laughing, and we were pretty much inseperable ever since. I really feel she’s more like a sister than a friend; it seems like she’s always been a part of my life.

KV and I have been through so much together, and she’s one of those friends that there is never a moment’s awkwardness with. Since I left DC about four years ago, we’ve only gotten to see each other around once a year, but we just pick right up where we left off. Last week she ventured from the boring land of Brooklyn to the bustling metropolis of Kalamazoo, and it was the best visit I could imagine. We didn’t do anything high maintenance, but just sort of bummed around, heading to South Haven, eating lots of good food, watching tv, knitting, and playing mini golf. But that’s okay, because that’s the kind of friendship she and I have. It’s incredibly easy, and always hilarious. I love her immensely, and she’s the kind of friend that makes up for not having that many. I figure I can have a bunch of okay friends, or one Kelly. She’s just that amazing and special. When she left, my abs literally ached from laughing.

This is just to let you know that I love you, KV, and I can’t wait to see you again this summer. Thanks for coming out here, for being my maid of honor, and for being my best. friend. ever.

P.S. Some of the biggest, most hilarious moments were undoubtedly wedding dress shopping. I seriously thought we were going to get kicked out but, in the end, I found my dress! Leave me a note if you want details; can’t be too specific because my sweetie reads this blog.



  1. I always had a hard time making friends too and I totally know where you are coming from. At this point in my life, the only girlfriend I have is my sister-in-law. We share the same interests and she is a real nice person.

    I had a friend named Sharon and we were just like you and Kelly; months would go by, changes would occur and when we saw eachother it was as if time never passed. It was the most simple girlfriendship I ever had. As a girl I probably shouldn’t say this, but girls are hard to deal with! HAHA! I don’t know what happened. I guess life got in the way and we lost contact. I tried to find her, but to no avail. You are lucky – hang on to it.

    And, of course, I would love some details about your wedding dress. I am so happy for you! The best is when you get to marry your best friend!

  2. Yes please, dress details! I am trying to wean myself from the Rav board, so I can go lurk there if you already posted . . .

  3. I loved this post about you and your BF. You girls are adorable! And, yes, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE dress details. Tell. Tell.

  4. I can totally relate on the difficulty making and keeping friends front, which was only made worse by my family moving around a lot. I have a friend like yours though (from high school, she was the cello in our violin-cello duet), who I can (and have) gone even for years without seeing, and the second we’re in the same room, it’s just giggles and happiness again. We used to get in trouble in orchestra because we’d crack each other up all the time, and that still hasn’t changed!

    I would love to hear details about your dress!

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