Posted by: mick | April 13, 2008

Retail Therapy

I used to hate that phrase. I felt like it spoke down to people, often women. It implied that we were so vapid and/or emotionally stunted and/or materialistic that, when the going got tough, all we could do was exercise our credit cards.

I’ve come to realize, however, that at the end of a long, difficult semester, a little treat really does cheer me up. When I’m dragging with tons of grading and writing and studying to do, a new craft project and supplies really give me something to look forward to. It does wonders for my motivation and morale. I treated myself to a few sewing/quilting books last week, and swore I was done. Then, I got an email from my LYS announcing a HUGE sale this week. All yarn was 20% off, all needles/notions 10% and, on top of that, if you brought your own shopping bag they tacked on an extra 5% off the entire purchase.

I hadn’t intended to go, I swear. But then one of my friends who recently learned to knit mentioned wanting to try her first sweater. She’s been getting her yarn at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for her practice knits, but she was ready to move on to a more organic yarn. I mentioned the sale, and within a few minutes we had plans to venture out Saturday.

On my way out the door, I reassured Jason (but really myself) that I wasn’t going to buy any yarn. Jason, the wonderful man that he is, just smiled at me and said, “Sweetie, go ahead and get whatever you want. You deserve it.”

I didn’t disappoint him, as the following practically leaped into my bag.

We’ve got Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in a really pretty, goldenrod yellow, Adrienne Vittadini Marissa in a muted peach, and Classic Elite Classic Silk in a buttery, muted yellow.

The yarn diet, it is officially broken. I couldn’t pass that up! 25% off? I got two sweaters’ worth of yarn for 25% off! I promised I’d only buy yarn for specific patterns (Cherry and the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan) and that they’d be summer yarns, as I literally have none in my stash. Mission accomplished.

I may also have gotten a long size 0 circular to finally try out the magic loop method, as so touted by Lindsay. I’ll be using that tutorial you put up, friend! Thanks again!

And finally, I’ve been working on the Icarus Shawl diligently. I cannot say enough about this pattern. It’s so easy to memorize; great “mindless” knitting, but the yarnovers keep it just interesting enough. It would be a great beginner shawl/lace project, but it’s also great for the more experienced lace/shawl knitters, too. I’m somewhere in between beginner and experienced, and I’m just loving it. And the way the yarn from Sarah is knitting up? I can’t take my eyes off of it; it’s the warmest, prettiest brown. I simply can’t wait to wear this.

And now, yarn diet, you’re back in effect. Game on! (Said in my best Wayne Campbell voice, of course.)



  1. I wish I lived closer! all of this sounds so fun and I am so craptastic at knitting. I expect lessons when I’m out there. omg 17 days!

  2. i used to feel the same, until i started to get serious about knitting. starting a new project and planning for it, and, of course, picking out the yarn always makes me happy when i am feeling down. good for you! i love the colors you picked, i can’t wait to see what they look like when you start your projects.

  3. Love those yarns — so beautiful and subtle! Hope the tutorial actually makes sense when you use it — let me know if you have questions 🙂

  4. the yarn looks gorgeous, and i think oyu may have the perfect man! magic loop is just the easiest way of knitting in the round i have ever known and sooo simple to pick up too. have fun!

  5. That is some lovely stash enhancement! Those colors are going to be gorgeous on you!

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