Posted by: mick | April 5, 2008

It’s not cheating, it’s bending the rules.

Before you get all upset, no, I did not buy more yarn.

I did receive this in the mail a few days ago, but it doesn’t count, for serious*.  I treated myself to a Rowan membership a few months back, and I finally got my free gift yarn.  It came with a pattern for the Lauryn Waistcoat/Shawl (Ravelry link), but I’m a little skeptical.  I’m dying for a little summer cardigan, but that waistcoat is in one size, and the model is super duper skinny.  I’m not super duper skinny, and I have curves; therefore, I think the cardigan is out.  The wrap, though pretty, seems like it’s too small (and the few users who have knitted it agree with my assumptions), so that is also out.  So…anyone know what I can do with four skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton?  I know a few people having babies, so maybe I’ll whip up a sweater.  There is a woman in one of my classes (that I’m taking, not teaching) due this week with her first baby.  She’s having a girl, and so maybe a nice little, light-weight, machine washable sweater and bootie set would be a nice surprise.

On an unrelated note, I’m pretty much losing my mind.  There are only a few weeks left in this semester, and though I’m ready for it to be over, I’m not ready to get all of this work done.  It’s actually been a little warm here (the fifties the past few days, and sixties this weekend!), and it’s so tempting to futz around in the yard instead of sitting in front of my computer screen.  Yesterday I did some trimming of the rose bushes and raked all of the leaves from the fall that never got done and, boy, are my arms dead today.  I plan on buying some cheapo, easy to not kill plants for the garden to give it some oomph.  We’ve got a great deck out back and a beautiful front porch, with two nice flower beds that need some love.  I’m really excited to play around and make some pretty.

Anyway, at the end of the school year I like to get myself a little treat.  This inkling was heightened this week when I got an email from Mary at Stitching Memories, advertising her spring break, everything’s 15% off sale this week.  I was strong, though.  Instead of buying some new yarn, I cast on last night for the Icarus Shawl in my Plucky Knitter laceweight merino.  The shawl is nice and simple, which is great for my writing-addled mind, and it’s perfect for the yarn.  I’ve realized that I only like fancy lace in solid yarns, as I still feel my mom’s shawl ended up a little muddled by the yarn choice.  The Icarus is perfect for this yarn; it’s showing off the color variations really well.  And, jeez oh man is it soft!

Lest you think I’m becoming some sort of yarn diet ascetic, I did buckle and buy myself some end of the semester rewards.  I was buying the books for my summer class at Amazon, and I’ll be darned if some sewing books didn’t make it into my cart.  I’ll be talking more about them here later, I’m sure.  Then, when Jason and I were running around doing errands, our car miraculously pulled into JoAnn Fabrics, and a few minutes later we left in a daze.  I had a bag full of the following items:

Yes, I bought some quilters’ fabric and fat quarters.  They are all on sale, I swear.  Yes, that one bundle is cowboy fabric.  I couldn’t resist.  Cowboy fabric just calls to me.  The morning after my dad died, my mom came downstairs at dawn to find me still awake, having never gone to sleep.  She took one look at me and said, “I bet the stores are open. (My dad died in December.)  Let’s go shopping.”  I don’t remember which store we were in, but I spotted some bright red cowboy sheets, and my mom bought them for me unflinchingly.  It’s something that typifies my mom; she just knows exactly what I need when I’m sad, and is willing to give it, even if it’s as simple as some cowboy distraction.  Cowboy Distraction sounds like a band name, doesn’t it?

I love them all, and chose the sale bundles as well as a few fat quarters that I think work well together.  I put the bundles together with more detailed shots over on my Flickr.

But I digress.  Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments on the mitts!  I’ve promised myself no sewing until my papers are written, which won’t be for a while.  In the meantime, I happily knit away on my shawl, relax with my cutie and our two kitties, and write until my hands hurt.

* When Jason was subbing, a student tried to just walk out of the classroom.  When Jason told her she couldn’t do that, she responded, “For serious?”  It’s become a bit of a catch phrase around here.



  1. I think I’m going to use my all seasons cotton gift to make Trellis – a baby cardigan on Knitty:

  2. That shawl is gorgeous – it’s too bad it runs small.

  3. Have you tried going on Ravelry and putting in the type of yarn you have for suggestions? I did it with some Debbie Bliss yarn I bought because it was 40% off and Ravelry had a bunch of ideas.

    Also, I love to buy fabric quarters. It has been a while because the Joanne’s near me closed which kind of stinks. For serious! (HAHAHA)

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