Posted by: mick | March 25, 2008

My first birthday

Today marks the anniversary of this illustrious blog.  I started it on a whim one year ago today, and I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I do.  I’ve met some friends through the blog, gotten lots of knitting advice, and even been able to impart my meager knitting wisdom to others.   Thanks so much to all of you who read my ramblings, and especially those who are kind enough to comment on my random life.  You always make me smile, without fail.

Life has been hectic lately, which I feel like I’m constantly saying.  The semester is winding down, which is really hard to believe, so my mind is filled with final paper ideas and summer teaching strategies.  Last weekend we had Jason’s Mom and Stepdad here, which was wonderful as usual.  Deb has gotten really into knitting, and she brought along photos of her first socks and shawl, as well as her first sweater, which she is dutifully plugging away at.  She’s doing so well; it’s really impressive.  Gil wasn’t feeling well which, when combined with the over 13 inches of snow we got on Friday (kill me), made for a very laid back visit.  On Friday J and the fam ran out for some provisions before the snow started, and we had this for dinner:

fondue feastly

Mom got me this fondue set for Christmas, and we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to break it out.  Snowed in on the second day of spring?  Sounds like the perfect day for melty chocolatey goodness to me.  (There was cheese fondue for dinner, but I didn’t put my food down long enough to grab a picture).

Luckily Saturday cleared up a bit, and while we weren’t able to head out to the wedding venue as planned, we were able to do some running around.  I took Deb to Stitching Memories for her birthday present, and she chose a gorgeous skein of Alpaca Sox, as well as some other goodies for a scarf and hat for herself.  There isn’t really a good LYS where they live, and so it was fun to spend some time going down all of the aisles, touching all of the yarn.  We had the place to ourselves because of the weather, and took full advantage of the quiet, uncluttered rows of yarniness.  (During the visit, I gave Deb a quick tour of Ravelry (or Devilry, as J calls it) and she has signed up for the waiting list.  And so it begins, mwahahaha.)

On the knitting front, I’ve gotten a lot done but none of it makes for exciting photos.  The Engagement Sweater’s back is done and I’m dutifully knitting away on the fronts, but piles of brown stockinette don’t good photographs make.  As a little reward/stashbusting/self-cheering experiment, I cast on for one of Ysolda’s Garter Stitch Mitts last night (ravelry link) and it’s already done.  I’ll have details to follow when I finish the other one, which should be very soon at this rate.

garter mitt one

Please ignore the condition of my cuticles, which are really suffering in this continued cold.  Please also ignore the awkward camera angle; I learned that it’s tough to take a photo of your right hand when you’re a righty.  Please note, however, that the Hourglass sweater is still going strong.  A year old today, and it’s wearing well.  I put it on this morning before I even realized what day it is.  Perhaps I’ll bake it a cake; I’m of the firm belief that handknits deserve special treatment, especially first sweaters.



  1. happy blogiversary! i second everything you’ve said about the unexpected rewards of blogging, and knit-blogging in particular. have a great day!

  2. Congrats on your first year.

    That fondue looks YUMMY!

  3. Happy first blog birthday! I’m glad you decided to start a blog…I definitely enjoy reading it!

  4. I love fondue, its so fun. Your chocolate fondue assortment looks really yummy!

    Happy blogiversary!

  5. Yay! Happy birthday 🙂 And can I please have some chocolate fondue? Yum!

    Your Hourglass report is getting me motivated to think about mine again . . .

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