Posted by: mick | March 9, 2008

A blur of a break

me, mom, and j

First off, thanks for such nice cheery wishes after my last post! It was so sweet of people to not only read my inane babble, but to also send warm wishes my way.

This break was definitely a nice one, filled with fun and functionality! My mom was here from Wednesday night to this morning, and it was a pleasure (as always!) to spend some time with her.

My mom has a way of making things happen when she visits, and this was no exception. Jason and I have been engaged over two months, but haven’t really done much any planning since then. Cue Basia: in three days, we went to two different wedding dress shops, and then visited (and decided upon, yay!) a venue. J and I are thinking of starting up a little wedding blog, or starting a new page for those posts under this blog, so I might add some details later if anyone is interested. All that I can say is that I’m feeling so good about the prospect of our wedding. We’ve got a major decision out of the way, and the venue will definitely fit in with our vision of what we want the event to be. We’re both so excited!

The wedding dress hunt, unfortunately, is another story. It’s a long story, but basically we went to one place and left within five minutes (EVERYTHING they had was decidedly poofy, for lack of a better word, which is not what I’m looking for). The next place had a ton of dresses, and I found one that I liked well enough, but it’s not the dress. I hope that makes sense. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of time.

Other than wedding stuff, we had a lot of fun. We played Guitar Hero with Basia, went out to a delicious Mexican place (one of our favorite restaurants in Kalamazoo) for Basia’s early birthday celebration, and Mom made us her famous escarole soup and chicken salad, both of which we’ll be having for dinner. Thanks, Mom!

One of the other exciting things that happened, at least to me, was learning how to sew. I’m using “how to sew” in the most general sense; after Basia left, I could make stitches on fabric. That’s about it. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do, but we were able to produce one cushion cover for the window seat in our dining room. Here is Patches enjoying it:first sewing project

It’s a very basic construction, and I’m sure the seams are a little uneven, but I’m so proud to have done most of the sewing on it. I even did a hem! Bas had to help with sewing on velcro, but other than that I did it. I bought myself a great sewing book over Christmas, and I can’t wait to go through it and really try some things out. I have big plans, and I think sewing will become something I really enjoy.

So that’s about it here. It’s been a very productive few days, and now I hear the Guitar Hero and escarole soup calling my name.



  1. Your window seat cover looks really good, I love the pattern on the fabric.
    If you want to start a new blog for your wedding there is a site that you can go on and it sets it all up for you. It is really cool. There are different sections to put ideas and pictures. What your hopes and dreams are, honeymoon ideas. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact name. I know that it is free and if just put in something like online wedding. I will try to find it for you and if I come across it I will send you the site. Catch ya later!

  2. So glad you had a fun time with your mom . . . you three all look so happy!! And let’s hear more about the venue, k? Some of us are curious!

  3. Guitar Hero is suprisingly good for the soul isn’t it? Apaprt from when you screw up and restart about ten times…

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