Posted by: mick | March 5, 2008

Wanted: Knitting mojo

I’m not sure where it’s gone.  Sometime after finishing my ND de G and my Chevron, I seem to have lost me mojo.  I’m knitting, but my heart just isn’t in it.  I’ve been plugging away dutifully on Jason’s Engagement Sweater, and in between bouts with that I’m knitting a few rounds on my Figgy Pudding socks.  I’ve decided to try an afterthought heel so as not to muss up the stripeys, and so it’s just round and round until I feel like stopping.

Perhaps therein lies the problem: boredom.  I am very excited about the finished product of both of these, but to get to that I need to stitch miles of stockinette.  For both, I’m knitting on tiny needles, which really slows the progress for the sweater especially.  I’m knitting in DK weight yarn on size 4’s, and it’s very slow going.

I’m on Spring Break this week, and I think I’m going to use this time to regroup craft-wise as well as school-wise.  My lovely Basia comes out tomorrow for a long weekend visit, and between wedding dress shopping and venue visiting/food tasting, I’m hoping to rope her into teaching me how to sew.  I’ve got my nice little nook all set up and ready to go, and we bought the fabric for a beginner’s project back in August (cushions for our dining room window seat, which will make the kitties very excited), so now I just need to actually make them.  I think the sewing, if we can get the machine to work, will give me a nice little refreshing break.  We’re also going to look into some paper and supplies, as J and I are considering the purchase of a Gocco to print our own wedding paraphernalia.  I’m definitely up for a new project or two, and Basia’s visit sounds like it will be just what I need to feel refreshed.

I guess that’s the thing lately; things here just seem stagnant.  The semester is dragging by and, though I love my classes, I feel myself getting a little bored with the routine.  The cold really doesn’t help.  I’ve always thought I might have a touch of SAD, and recently I think it might be truer than ever.  I did really well through February, but I’m used to March being the harbinger of Spring.  On the East Coast, March days were always spent running outdoors for the first time in months, seeing the buds pop up from underground and splashing through puddles.  Here, the highs are still in the 20’s for at least the next week, with snow flurries every day Basia is here.  Back in Philly today, the high was 67.  I find this incredibly disheartening.

I recently signed up for Rowan membership, and between that and the new Interweave, I really want to knit myself a nice little spring cardigan.  Unfortunately, however, I’m on a very strict yarn diet, and I have absolutely no springy yarns in my stash.  That means that I’m sort of stuck on stockinette island for quite some time.  I could always cast on for another winter sweater for myself out of my stash yarn, but I probably won’t get to wear it until next fall, and I hope to be considerably smaller by then.  Jason and I have been exercising faithfully, and I’d really like to lose 40 pounds before our eventual wedding.  I’m proud of how hard we’re working, but frustrated as I’ve seen absolutely no results.  I’m feeling stronger, but my clothes are just as tight and I haven’t lost one lousy pound.  This, I’m sure, is adding to my feeling of stagnation lately.

Okay, I think I need a break.  Sorry for the complaints!  I’ll be silent again for the next week or so while Basia’s here, but I fully intend to come back chipper and ready to rock.  Practicing on our new Guitar Hero will help with the rockage, I’m sure.



  1. may your spring break bring you plenty of relaxation and refreshment!

  2. i am sorry you are feeling blah, but i think the change you need is coming your way. i find that a little sewing does break things up. i just know you will have no problems. hope you have a great break and enjoy your visit.

  3. If I recall this is your first Michigan winter? As a pretty-much “lifer” in these parts I can tell you, it’s been a little more awful and endless than usual. We at least have more 40 degree days and melting than we’ve had this year. I am also in the funk, and most people around me are too. And WMU’s spring break = way too early! 🙂

    Spring will be so glorious, and so unbelievably welcome, whenever it finally gets here.

  4. Hang in there . . . I spent just one winter in the snow and immediately fled back to CA 🙂

    I think wedding-y crafts are a great way to express your creativity, so go for it! Not sure how pricey the printing machine is, but one idea: have someone give it to you (or help you with the cost) as a wedding gift. I promise, you’ll be glad to have it.

  5. Um, come over and play Guitar Hero with me. Week 1 of unemployment and I’m already bored!

    We have all the GH games – Even Rock the 80s! So fun!

  6. there’s nothing like endless stockinette to put you off knitting…
    buy gocco, buy gocco. i’m sending you subliminal messages, can you tell? and feel better quick x

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