Posted by: mick | February 19, 2008

In with the new

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few additions around here.

First, Jason’s dad gave me some Christmas money, of which I put some away toward our eventual honeymoon. The rest I used for a Deluxe Scrabble board (yes, I’m a nerd, but I’ve always wanted one), and then went on a little knit book binge on Knitpicks. Between that and Jason’s brother and sister-in-law’s Christmas gift, I’ve added the following to my library: Knitting Vintage Socks, Mason-Dixon Knitting, Lace Style, Yarnplay and Yarnplay at Home, Knitter’s Almanac, and Fitted Knits. I’ve also been toying with the idea of crochet, and so I picked up a learn to crochet book, as well as a Kyuuto! Lacy Crochet and CrochetMe. The last is on backorder at KnitPicks, but hopefully will be arriving soon.

Secondly, I went through the “You Make My Day Awards” that my blog-friends awarded and added a BUNCH of new blogs to my sidebar. There are so many that are amazing, and I can’t believe I never found them! That means that my Google Reader list is getting very long, but I’m really enjoying going through it. So the blog may look a little different, but I highly encourage perusing of the sidebar. So many great knit bloggers out there. If you have a must-read that you don’t see on my list, please let me know! I’d love to read even more.

Finally, I’ve also gotten the IK Spring, and am obsessed with so many of the patterns. I really want to make the Mirabella Cardigan, the Holly Jacket, the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan, the Banded Peasant Blouse, the Frock Camisole, and the Aleita Shell. I know I just listed half of the magazine; I’m not well. I won’t be casting on for any of them anytime soon, however. I’ve promised myself I’ll knit from the stash for a bit before buying anything new*, and everything I’ve got is very woolly.

That’s about it for me. Not much new on the knitting front. I’m still slogging away on the Chevron Scarf OF DOOM. It’s going to look really cute, but it’s become quite the soul-sucker. I’ve got to finish it, though, because I need those needles to swatch for my baby’s engagement sweater. At this rate, he’ll get it at Christmas. Good thing he’s so laid back. I also cast on for a new pair of socks on a road trip this weekend. I was delighted to discover that, although reading in the car makes me sick, my stomach can tolerate basic knitting. Onward with the stockinette, toe-up socks!

harvest* I’ve got two new additions to the stash, which I’ll shamefacedly admit here. The first one doesn’t really count, as it was a gift from Sarah for helping her with a sample knit. I had to take it; I wouldn’t want to be rude and turn down a gift, of course. It’s her gorgeous 80/20 merino/cashmere DK, in colorway Harvest. It’s so soft and has great yardage; I think I’ll make a cowl to keep my sensitive neck warm.

dk creamdk blueThe other addition was from Wendy’s de-stash, which doesn’t count either. I’m not enabling myself, I’m merely helping a fellow knitter get rid of some yarn she doesn’t need. Plus, it was an amazing price so I couldn’t pass it up. I got thirteen balls of Rowan DK Soft; ten in a cream color, and three in a gray-blue. I’ll probably make something from Vintage Knits with the cream, and use the blue for the leg warmers in the new IK. Oh, right. Did I forget to mention them? Add them to the list.

I clearly have a problem. I just hope no one reads this far down to find out. The shame is killing me.



  1. Ohhhh. I love Scrabble too. If you are a nerd, then I am in good company!

  2. I love new knitting/crochet books. Even cookbooks. Practically anything that teaches you how to make something. I can read craft books/magazines like people read fiction. I would love too see a picture of your new scrabble board. Do you play it on-line? It is fun! Talk about a nerd, huh?!? HAHAHA! Nerds R Us!

  3. laugh… welcome to the shame club.

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