Posted by: mick | January 21, 2008

A (craft) room of one’s own*

On New Year’s day I was feeling a little stir crazy. We’d been snowed in for two days and, though it was lovely to look at, it was making me a bit insane. In a whirlwind of cleaning, Jason and I unpacked the last of our boxes (just short of five months after the fact), and then he helped me with a little project.

We have a spare bedroom here, which is a huge luxury for both of us, as well as for our guests. I’m sure my poor Mom was quite ready to say goodbye to sleeping on the futon every time she visited. We don’t have much furniture in there: just a bed, a bedside table, and a narrow Ikea bookshelf. When our landlord said we could have an old desk in the basement, I got to thinking. When my Nana sent me her old sewing machine, I really got to thinking. So on New Year’s Day, Jason and I hung the shelves, cleaned up the desk, and I spent the rest of the afternoon setting up and organizing.

We ended up with this:

craft nook!

There are notes and more detailed shots over on my Flickr. I’m excited beyond belief, which I know is lame. This way I’ve got a place for my crafty things, including books, which were threatening to overrun the rest of the apartment. It’s out of the way and tidy, and it brings a little more warmth to the spare room. It also allows me to keep my ball-winder, swift, and sewing machine set up, rather than taking them down and storing them every time I use them. So great! Next I just need to, ya know, learn to actually sew. I’m so afraid of that machine, but I’ll get there!

One of the things that I really love about my little nook is how my family is represented. I have a lovely photo of my mom on the shelf, and in the pitcher (made by my uncle in high school) I’ve got my great-grandmother’s knitting needles displayed. I’ve also got one of her chairs from her kickass kitchen table, which I inherited, and which my Dziadzi reupholstered in the funky vinyl I picked out. It’s tough to tell, but that black vinyl is actually snakeskin printed. Meow. I also have my Nana’s sewing machine (Thanks, Nana!) and the trunk on the left was also my great-grandmother’s. It’s filled to the brim with yarn, which brings me to my next topic.

I was messaged shortly after Christmas by a lovely woman named Leslie, who was in desperate need of some of my KPPPM that Jason had bought me for Christmas. Apparently this colorway is required for a coat she is knitting, and she couldn’t find it anywhere. I sent it to her happily, and was still left with one skein with which to knit myself some socks with a contrasting toe and heel. With the Paypal money burning a hole in my pocket, it seemed like fate that Stitchywitch was having a destashing sale. I was able to scoop up two yarns.

The first is Crazy4Dyeing superwash merino sock yarn in Figgy Pudding, a spicy, foliage colorway:figgy pudding

The second is a lovely blue colorway of Mountain Colors called Alpine, with which I plan to make socks for my wonderful fiance.

Mountain Colors Kitty

I included Wiglaf nose for scale.

Thanks to all for the compliments on my hair. Sadly, it washed out a ton and is now barely visible. It seems my hair just doesn’t hold red very well. Oh well. Now I’m off to work on my ND de G! Front and back down, two sleeves to go!

*I’m pretty sure Ms. Woolf just rolled over in her grave.



  1. If by “helped” you, you mean I put up the shelves and carried in the desk single-handedly, I’d say you’re dead on!

    I looooove you!

  2. How nice to have a special crafty space where you can leave things out! I could never get away with that in our house, even if we had the space, because my cats would totally be chewing on my swift or something. They get into everything!

    I love that colorway of Mountain Colors…I have a skein of Weavers Wool Quarters in Alpine and I can’t wait to turn it into socks for me!

  3. Love love love the crafting room! I have the craft room/guest room thing going on at my house too and it’s the best ever. I love how you have your winder and swift set up — i still haven’t figured out an elegant place for mine so they’re hooked onto some folding tv-dinner tables.

    It feels so wasteful to have a whole spare room just for guests, so I love that it is really my yarn room that guests can visit sometimes 🙂

  4. […] and an IOU for paint to refinish my desk.  Some of you may remember that, back in January when we put the craft room together on a whim, we snatched a desk from the basement to serve as a sewing table.  It’s fine and sturdy, but […]

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