Posted by: mick | January 18, 2008


red with flashI’ve been knitting lately, though I don’t have any exciting photos to share. Work on the Notre Dame de Grace has slowed, as I’ve had a busy week and the front shaping requires a little more attention than I’m willing to spare. I’m trying to finish the Chevron Scarf because it’s holding up Jason’s engagement sweater. I need those needles before I can swatch!

Last Sunday I took a break from work and headed to Theresa’s house, a friend of a friend, for a craft night. We had so much fun! I got to know the hostess a bit better, and my friend Lisa did some beading (she does gorgeous work!) and we taught my friend Ilse to knit. Theresa, who knits and crochets, was more help there, as Ilse is a lefty and Theresa learned to knit left-handed. I think Ilse is hooked, and she mentioned wanting to head to a yarn store this weekend to pick up her first yarn and needles! We all hung out, schmoozed, watched “girly” movies, ate delicious food, and crafted. It was a great time, and I think this weekend I’m hosting another! I really feel so at home here, and I’m so glad I’m making such awesome friends. No one in my circle knitted in Boston, and it’s so much fun to sit with a group and hang out while knitting.

red no flash

Today I’ve got a ton of reading to do, but I started off my day with another haircut. I haven’t colored my hair in almost two years, and I was ready for a change. I was very blonde as a kid, but as I get older it fades more and more. In the winter it’s especially mousy, and I wanted something different, so my stylist went with red highlights! I’m getting used to it, but I think it’s rather fun. I’ve decided I’m going to grow my hair out just a little so that Ican do more with it at our eventual wedding, and playing with color allows me to stay the boredom a bit. Here it is, with and without a flash, so you can get a good idea. Fun!



  1. i love it – your hair looks great!

  2. Very cute cut and your highlights…ooh la la! I always love how super shiny my hair is after I get it colored.

  3. Super cute!!! Love the color.

  4. Cute haircut, and I like the color on you! My hair gets a bit mousy in the wintertime, too, and sometimes I’m really tempted to try out red hair.

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