Posted by: mick | January 14, 2008

FO: My first/second toe-up socks

socks whee!

Pattern: Improvised, toe-up

Yarn: Schaefer Anne leftovers from my Old Shale Scarf

Needless: Knit Picks 0 circs

Notes: These were learning socks in a lot of ways.  I tried the magic cast-on method for the first time, as well as the short-row heel for the first time, with these puppies.  They were also my first socks on two circs, and I think all three of these methods will be my go-tos for generic socks.  They’re just a basic toe-up, stockinette sock with a short-row heel (using this tutorial and formula at Knitty for fit).  I really like the magic cast-on, as I’m still a little nervous about the provisional cast-on method.  I’ll try it some day, I’m sure.

Overall, I’m quite pleased.  They were started back in September, and I used to knit them while waiting for Jason at school when he was subbing.  They got worked on occasionally, and never really were the project I was concentrating on.  I finished the first at my aunt and uncle’s house on Thanksgiving, and then they got tossed aside while I worked on Pop-Pop’s socks.  I really liked my progress on the heel of his socks as well as tubular bind-off, so I went back and re-did that on the first of these, ripping out to the heel.  I didn’t mind; my first attempt at the short-row heel left some holes and definitely lots of room for improvement, and the perfectionist in me wanted socks I could be proud of.  I most certainly am*.

The yarn produced a fabric that is warm, fuzzy, soft, and yet will hopefully be durable because of the nylon content.  It pooled a bit, but I don’t care; other than that it created spiral stripes around my leg.  It did split a little, but I dealt with it okay.  The colors are gorgeous, and you cannot beat the yardage.  With one hank I’ve knitted a lace scarf of a good length, toe-up socks, and have enough for some stripes or the toe for socks, etc., maybe even some footies if I can stretch it.  Can’t beat it!

You’ll notice that I’m posing oddly in this photo.  It’s to camouflage the fact that the legs are a little bit off in length; one is about 3/4 of an inch longer than another.  I’ve decided it’s charming, and not at all a badge of shame.  I wore them on this snowy Monday with pride, and my feet were happy all day.  I’m starting to really like sock knitting, and I think I’ll try and have a pair on the needles all the time.  Whoo-hoo!

*Apparently, the most unexpected people notice hand-knit items.  Case in point: today I overheard something not typically uttered in a gynecologist’s office: “Wow, homemade socks!”  Hilarious.



  1. great job on the socks. i have tried socks several times, but have had a problem each time. i would love to try the toe uo method. do you find it easier than the typical way?

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