Posted by: mick | January 10, 2008


I’m a dork.

So this week was my first week of classes and, after some finagling of my schedule, I think it’s going to be lovely.  I’m lucky enough to take two courses in my field(s) of interest (similar to fields of gold, but without Sting), and I’m quite pleased.  It will mean a TON of reading, none of which is in modern English, but that sort of makes me gleeful.

Now on to the knitting content.  I’ve decided, after buying some yarn at Stitching Memories’ post-holiday sale, that I won’t buy any new yarn until I’ve knitted a respectful amount of what I have.  I store my yarn mostly in my Babcie’s old footlocker.  I’d like to think that this would make her happy; she was a knitter, though she died when I was too young to find that interesting.  I inherited some of her needles from Basia for Christmas, and it makes me so happy.  I’d like to think she’s glad that I appreciate it, even if it’s a little late.  But anyway, Babcie’s locker is overflowing, and I feel like a glutton.  To up the ante, I’ve decided that I won’t play with my new dyes or work with my spinning until I’ve knitted up a lot of yarn, either.  Phew!  This is going to be a doozie, but I’m strong like bull.

To that end, I’ve been working on two projects.  One is the much-loved but abandoned Notre Dame de Grace <–ravelry link (NDdeG for those in the know, or those who have a window into the scary place that is my mind).  Here’s a shot of Knitzel’s gorgeous version for the non-ravelrers. I picked it back up after a four-month hiatus, and my passion has returned with a vengeance.  I finished the back and have now started the front, which looks like this at the moment.

nd front

Please forgive the boring photos lately.  Apparently Michigan winters = all gray, all the time, and that means that the only place I get any natural light is in our dining room/office window seat.  Whatever works.  I think this is the closest representation of the color yet, and I had to play with picasa’s “warmify” option to get it.  It really is a lovely, dark teal, with a good dose of midnight blue.  Pretty.

I’ve never knitted a sweater that I have to seam, and I was wondering: do I block everything beforehand, or do I sew it up and then block?  Do I double block it?!  Somebody please hold my hand and tell me it’s going to be ok.

Next up is a project I’ve been wanting to knit forever: the Chevron scarf (yet another ravelry link) from LMKG (man I LOVE abbreviations).  I picked out a gorgeous green fingering weight from Great Adirondack Yarn Co., called Soxie, in Kiwi Kenny.  It’s a really bright, semi-solid yellow green.  To go with it, I chose Koigu KPPPM in colorway ________ (insert random number here).  It’s got the same exact yellowy-green, but also has a good dose of pretty fuchsia, dark blue, brown, and yellow.  Together, they are producing, quite possibly, the world’s brightest scarf.  Ever.  Check it out.chevron wip

Are your retinas scorched yet?  No?   You say you want more???chevron detail

How’s that for bright?  I really think I’m overdoing it, as my camera couldn’t even register the actual brightness of this scarf, quite possibly in an effort to save my eyes.  I had to really saturate the photo, but this is pretty accurate.

Yes, it’s sort of bright.  I had a moment’s pause when I first started, but I’m soldiering on.  It’s been so gray and dismal here, and this is really cheering me up.  The pattern is simple, yet completely addicting.  I love seeing where the Koigu colors will land, and though it’s incredibly vivid, I hope it will cheer me up when I wear it.  Plus, I just bought a very sensible, very warm down coat in an equally sensible, non-dirt showing brown, and lord it needs some color.   So I brought it.

Okay, enough fun.  I better get back to reading while I can still see.



  1. Ooh — I bought my first IK because of NDdeG — totally on my list. I am in the midst of my first seamed grown up sweater, and almost to the seaming. I think the blocking comes first…but am looking forward to hearing expert opinions as well.

  2. I think your chevron scarf will light up not just your life, but everyone who sees you bopping down the street with a grin on your face!

  3. The scarf is great fun! Knit and wear with pride! Yep, Michigan = gray. But, chin up… sometime mid-April, if we are really fortunate… it will be bright and sunny.

  4. i love the colors of your scarf. reminds me of a song (insert musical notes here: my future’s so bright – – – i gotta wear so, who is the dork!?!

    seriously though, i digress. if you are going to block your sweater, you should not do it until you have seemed the sweater together. i say “if”, because if the pieces are matching well and does not need any stretching, you really do not need to block it. i prefer to block, because i think blocking gives everything such a clean crisp finished look. good luck and have fun!

  5. I love your bright and happy chevron scarf! Bright winter wear makes me happy, it’s a nice contrast to all the gray outside.

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