Posted by: mick | January 6, 2008

How very professorial

After over 3 years of knowing someone, living with him for over one, and pretty much spending all of my time with him, I thought I had my Jason figured out.  He’s been wanting a Mick-knitted sweater for quite a while, but due to the much-documented sweater curse and my equally well-documented superstitious nature, I refused until we were engaged.  I wasn’t too extreme, and have knitted him a scarf and hat and had plans for socks as well, but the sweater would have to wait.  Tough cookies.

Being the nerdy knitter that I am, two days after Jason proposed, I was rifling through men’s sweater patterns.  With the aid of Ravelry, I had settled on a choice few.  Jason gets warm very easily, and so I thought a cardigan would be his best bet: he could unzip/unbutton it if he were warm, or take it off completely with ease, and use it as a jackety garment rather than a sweaterry one if he so chose.  So I went about compiling what I thought Jason would like.  I chose mostly very classic sweaters with small design details that were subtle, and I thought that Avast from Knitty, The Cambridge Jacket from IK, and the Men’s Zippered Raglan from LMKG (Ravelry link) were the best bets.  I was sure that Jason would choose one of those three but, at the last minute, I decided to throw in my personal favorite men’s sweater pattern:  the Jarrett cardigan from Vintage Knits (Ravelry link); here’s a link to Brooklyntweed’s amazing version for you non-Ravelrers.

As much as I love Jarrett and have been dying to knit it, I was absolutely positive Jason would hate it.  Though it’s a fantastic, and in my opinion very classic, men’s sweater design, I just didn’t think it would be Jason’s pick.  My Jason tends toward the sportier end of the fashion spectrum, and most days dons a t-shirt and jeans.  Some days he’ll wear a polo shirt, but that’s about it; he has his favorites that he wears a lot, and I couldn’t care less.  Keeping his typical style in mind, I thought he’d gravitate toward the zipped, ribbed cardigans, which to me have a sportier feel.

jarrett yarn

Not so.  He shocked me by loving the Jarrett, and we were off to my LYS in a flash to pick out yarn and take advantage of their post-holiday sale.  He chose Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool in the most gorgeous (in a very manly way) rusty orange tweed, and I think it will look incredible on him.  I can just picture him in front of his classroom, with his beard, and wearing this sweater.  The elbow patches make it, in my opinion.  I can’t wait to get started.



  1. Such a gorgeous sweater!

  2. The color of that yarn is oh-so-lovely, in a very manly kind of way, of course. Hope to see in progress photos soon.

  3. Awesome! I love the yarn 🙂 Can’t wait to see it on the go!!!

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