Posted by: mick | January 3, 2008

FO: Pop-Pop’s socks

Pop-Pop’s socks

Pattern: Improvised, with stitch pattern based on Thuja by Bobby Ziegler

Yarn: Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn, under two skeins

Needles: Addi Turbo 1 circs

Notes: My Pop-Pop has had a rough couple of months. After my Grandmom’s passing in July, he’s been very lonely, and it kills me that I’m not closer to visit him more often. When I got the idea to knit him something for Christmas, he told me doesn’t get out much when it’s cold, so a scarf or hat wouldn’t get much use. When I mentioned socks, he thought it was great. He actually seemed a little doubtful that I could knit socks, but gave me his shoe size and color preference (gray) anyway. I wanted something not too boring but not at all flashy, as Pop-Pop will be 96 (I think?) this month. He’s not too big on the flashy.

Thuja seemed like a perfect pattern, but it called for a light worsted yarn, which I didn’t have. So I basically used the seed stitch rib, and created my own pattern from there. I did a toe-up with magic cast-on, short-row heel, and used a 3 by 1 seed stitch rib for the top of the foot and leg. I then changed to 1 by 1 seed stitch rib after four inches on the leg, and successfully used a tubular bind-off for the first time ever, using the tutorial here. I wanted the leg to be a bit short, as Pop-Pop has some circulation issues in his legs, and I wouldn’t want to run the risk of any tightness on his calves. The result is a classic sock with a nice ribbed pattern; they’re interesting but decidedly un-flashy, and the yarn created a pleasingly squishy fabric. I think they’ll be comfy cozy, and machine-washable which is important for an elderly gentleman.

I think I’ve found my preferred sock method. The magic cast-on is amazing, I’ve finally mastered the short row heel, and the tubular bind-off is really stretchy. Perfect. I’ll be making all of my socks this way from now on, if I can help it.

Overall this was a fun knit. The two circs made it portable, and the simple pattern made for great tv knitting. I have only good things to say about this yarn; it is soft and has lots of spring. I bought a heathered colorway for socks for Jason eventually, and I’m really excited to use it. It was also a lot of fun knitting for my Pop-Pop. Whenever I visit, he shows me off to all of his friends, and I hope he gets as much enjoyment out of these socks. He’s very proud, and I know he’ll brag that his granddaughter knitted him something. It makes me so happy to think that something little like this will brighten his day, and I hope he’ll feel the love I’m sending him all the way in Pennsylvania.



  1. Oh, those look nice and cozy! That is a lovely and thoughtful gift.

    Happy 2008!

  2. […] my aunt and uncle’s house on Thanksgiving, and then they got tossed aside while I worked on Pop-Pop’s socks.  I really liked my progress on the heel of his socks as well as tubular bind-off, so I went back […]

  3. […] exciting socks.  I’ve knitted four pair, but the closest I’ve come to a pattern is the Thuja-esque pair for my Pop-Pop.  I really love the new Ziggy pattern, and I’ve got a ball of Kureyon sock to […]

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