Posted by: mick | December 29, 2007

Baby’s Belated Birthday Post

First, thank you all so much for such kind, warm wishes regarding our engagement! It is so sweet of all of you to congratulate us. I’m sure I’ll eventually post more about wedding planning, etc., but for now we’re just enjoying this special time. Yay!

And next up…Jason’s birthday was on December 13th, which was coincidentally also the day of my last final. Normally I cook him a special birthday meal and we have fun celebrating all day, but this year I had all of my work due that week and a final at 8 am on the big day. Instead of celebrating much on his birthday, we kept it low key with brunch after my final and a homemade birthday cake.* It was quiet, but Jason says that’s what he wanted.

saugatuck town hall

My present to Jason this year was a birthday weekend getaway. I booked a two-night stay at the Spruce Cutter’s Cottage, just outside of Saugatuck and Douglas. We had an incredible time. The innkeeper, Mike, was so friendly. It was a really laid-back bed and breakfast experience. We had a leisurely, quiet stay: the door was kept unlocked so we could come and go when we pleased, we had a ton of privacy, and breakfast was held at the very reasonable hour of 9:30. They also had Sam, the most adorable dog ever, who we played with at every opportunity. I love a good puppy fix.

saugatuck harbor

Our room had a jacuzzi and a gas fireplace, which was nice to come home to as that weekend was COLD. We arrived Friday and did a little wandering; Jason did some Christmas shopping, and we had an early dinner in Saugatuck. On Saturday it snowed all day, and it was so nice relaxing and watching our first big storm. We looked around Douglas, which I liked even better than Saugatuck. It’s this tiny little village, with many art galleries on one strip. The people were incredibly friendly, and I even spoke to one gallery owner about bringing in some knitted samples for her to sell. It probably won’t happen this semester, but it’s always something to think about. On both days we found little independent coffee shops and relaxed with some hot drinks, chatting while I did some knitting. I started Pop-Pop’s socks, and they’re almost done now!

door music douglas

All in all, we had a wonderful, relaxing trip. It was about an hour from Kalamazoo, and I recommend both the inn and the area highly. It was such a great way to unwind after a stressful semester.

* Conspicuously missing from this post are photos of Jason’s birthday cake. I had some trouble with the cakes sticking to the pans, and though it tasted good, it was awful to look at.

new haircut**Oh, and I also chopped my hair off a few weeks ago. Here’s a little snapshot. It’s so easy to take care of, and looks better when messy. Good times.



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