Posted by: mick | December 23, 2007

FO: Spring Things

spring things complete

Pattern: Spring Things by Susan Pierce Lawrence

Yarn: Zephyr Wool Silk 2/18 laceweight in Pewter; Bollicine Sissi in Tuxedo (2+ skeins)

Needles: Addi Turbo Lace #5s

Notes: This shawl was knitted as a gift for my mom, Basia. Bas started off wanting a cardigan, but she kept oohing and ahhing over the lace shawl patterns we’d seen. She picked this out eventually, back in August during her first visit, and we headed to my favorite LYS for yarn selection. She chose the Sissi, which in the ball at the store looked like a nice silvery gray with a little bit of blue undertones. Lovely. When I started knitting it up after she left, however, it became clear that the color changes are much more stark. The yarn transitions, very abruptly, from white to gray to black. The short color runs, I felt, would really detract from the delicate lace of the pattern. Since I was having trouble with just the mohair alone anyway, I got some Wool Silk from Sarah’s Yarns and held the two together. This change made all the difference; the light silvery laceweight dampened the color changes of the mohair, and the silk content added a lovely amount of drape. Basia still got the fuzziness she was after, but in the end the shawl looked and felt better (and was much easier for me to knit as a first shawl!).

basia spring thingsI couldn’t be happier with this pattern. The directions are very clear, and it was much easier to knit from a chart than I originally thought. The lace looks much more complicated than it is, and I absolutely adore the scalloped edge. Because of the lacy factor, I think it will look even lovelier in a solid or semi-solid colorway, and I plan to make one for myself sometime soon out of some of the yarn I bought at the Michigan Fiber Festival. Also, I tried the nupps this time and, though I got the hang of them rather quickly, I think I’d try beads next time. I’ve been wanting to try knitting with beads, and I think they might show up nicely on a solid-colored shawl.

The shawl took me just over four months to knit which, though it sounds like a lot, isn’t much when you consider that I knitted Wicked during that time and almost an entire pair of socks. This grad school takes away from my knitting time, let me tell you. My mother seemed to really love it when I gifted it to her during her trip this past week, and it made all of the time I spent more than worth it. That’s her modeling (more photos on my Flickr), and I think it’s perfect for her. I hope she wears it in good health and happiness.



  1. Gorgeous!

  2. sooo fabulous!

  3. It’s beautiful. Wonderful work!

  4. Just beautiful!
    I LUV the colorway!!
    Great job!

  5. Very beautiful work! I like your idea about joining the two yarns.

  6. The shawl is gorgeous. It looks so cozy and soft.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Very pretty! What a wonderful present…

  8. […] for the yarn.  I’ve realized that I only like fancy lace in solid yarns, as I still feel my mom’s shawl ended up a little muddled by the yarn choice.  The Icarus is perfect for this yarn; it’s […]

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