Posted by: mick | November 18, 2007

Something rotten in the state of Michigan

It’s that time, at the end of the semester, where things get a little insane.  The work and grading always pile up at this time, and I was somehow unprepared for it this year.  Maybe it was the year off I indulged in between my MA and PhD programs, but I’m feeling a little soft.  Part of the problem is that I love love love the holidays, and recently I’ve found myself distracted by images of cuddling up with my honey by the Christmas tree.  Le sigh.

This week we’re headed to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in IL for Thanksgiving, which should be a blast.  My family is a lot of fun.  However, this made me realize today just how little time I have left in the semester.  My last final is December 13th, which just happens to be my baby’s birthday as well.  In less than one month (cripes!) I’ve got to write a book review, a large research paper, and take two finals.  Yikes!  I know it will get done; it always does.  However, it’s tough to concentrate when all you want to do is knit, cuddle, and watch the snow flurries.

Due to my life’s insanity recently, I don’t have much knitting to update.  I do have some randmoness to share, as is my way.  First off, when in Saratoga Springs a few weeks ago, we spotted this hat in a main street LYS:fishy

See any resemblance to a certain hat of mine?   It even has the little snorky tail, in the same colorway.  I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but I’m going to kid myself that I started a trend.

new specsSecondly, I finally got my new glasses.  They took forever, mainly due to the lab’s inability to set the lenses without breaking them.  They went through five pair of lenses before achieving success.  I got them last week, though, and they were worth the wait.  It may be tough to tell, but they’ve got these little silver studs on the sides.  They’re my ode to fifties diner waitress glasses, which I’m sure is their technical name.  Note, also, that they’re purple.  Always with the purple frames.  I have no clue why, but I get them every time.

And finally, I was up on the tenth floor of the English building on campus the other day.  It’s got wall to wall windows, and has some of the best views of Kalamazoo.  My favorite shot of the day provides an excellent one of the psychiatric hospital across the street.  See the tower?  How very panoptic of them.  I aplogize for the blurriness; these were taken through windows that aren’t particularly clean, and it was awfully cloudy that day.  tower

Finally, Jason and I took a work break last night to see a local college’s production of Hamlet.  It was, to put it kindly, not the best production I’ve seen.  The lead actress was great, though.  Good for her.  Combine that with a 3d viewing of Beowulf the other night, and it’s been about the nerdiest weekend I can imagine.  On that note, I’m back to studying Latin.



  1. I kind of wanted to see Hamlet since I can get free tickets, but with a 19month old it is hard to go out in the evenings right now. I am glad we didn’t!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. When were you in Saratoga? You were a block from my office?!?

  3. Rockin glasses!! My eyeglass place ruined my lenses fitting my frames too! Not 5 times though!

    I loooooove the LYS in Toga! Did you make it to Bennington, VT and the Naked Sheep also?

    I think you did start the trend…

  4. Love the glasses . . . and of course I can tell that it’s finals time by the snazzy new blog layout (which I love too!) and of course the lol-ing . . . nice.

    Hope you are surviving!!

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