Posted by: mick | October 20, 2007

Yarn Therapy

Yarny Saturday

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It’s been a stressful week. It began with our kitchen being remodeled, which turned out lovely. We have gorgeous new cabinets, and we couldn’t be happier. However, the process was long and stressful. My week ended yesterday with a another very stressful incident. It’s a long story, so here’s the brief recap: I was attacked by our upstairs neighbor’s dog in our driveway. I’m fine; the bite didn’t break the skin, but it did leave a mark. Mainly it was just a really unnerving experience.

Today I awoke in need of some major relaxation. First Jason and I got a bite to eat at Dino’s, the new coffee shop near campus. The people there were so friendly, and we really liked the atmosphere. The barista was also really good; I know from my own barista experience that often the coffee quality depends on the quality of the one brewing the espresso, and this guy did a great job. I’d definitely go back there to knit, read, and just veg out with some delicious coffee. Yum.

On the way out, we spotted a yard sale. We scored big time! I got this amazing 70’s Good Housekeeping knitting magazine, a book, a pretty glass jar, place-mats, and a button tin. Jason also got a book. My Basia would be proud, I even bargained for the place mats. On the way out I snatched some free little pots for my eventual herb garden. It was grand!

Then we headed to Stitching Memories for their Fall open house. I was able to meet Sarah, aka The Plucky Knitter, who was selling a bunch of her handpainted yarns. I picked up a skein of the merino laceweight and some merino worsted, both in the most gorgeous colors. The laceweight is particularly stunning; the color reminds me of tiger’s eye, and I cannot wait to knit myself a shawl out of it. She and I have been trying to get together to knit for a while, and it was great to meet her in person. She is so friendly and sweet, and her colorways are stunning. I highly recommend her yarn; it’s art in and of itself.

I also picked up a skein of Lopi, yarn for KV’s Christmas present, and yarn for the endpaper mitts. I strategically bought inexpensive yarn; it’s my first colorwork project, and this way I won’t feel bad if when I mess up. In the past weeks I’ve also gotten a cone of Zephyr Wool Silk and some fingering cashmerino from Sarah’s Yarns, and some Quechua purchased from Jessica’s destashing sale.

After cataloging all of this on Ravelry, I realize I need to stop buying yarn. Sure, most of it is for presents, but a lot is also for presents for myself. I’ve got a ton and I need to chill out and start knitting it up. So no more yarn buying until Christmas!

Happy fall, everyone! I’m off to luxuriate in my yarny goodness.



  1. I am sorry to hear about the dog and I’m glad you’re okay.

    The rest of your weekend sounds great! I love a good coffee shop!

  2. As long as you’re buying yarn with a specific project in mind, I think you’re ok . . . my problem is when I get tempted by the oh-so-pretty or oh-so-shiny stuff and then go on a shopping rampage . . .

  3. I’m glad your ok. When are the neighbors moving out, this surely was the last straw for your landlady. I’m curious…how did Jason react to the attack as I know how protective he is of you 🙂
    I love your yarn pictures and look foreward to pictures of your final projects. Take care.

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