Posted by: mick | October 14, 2007

FO: Foliage

foliage grin

Pattern: Foliage by Emilee Mooney, Chunky Version

Yarn: Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, less than one skein

Needles: Denise 10’s and 9’s

Notes: I loved this pattern. It was so so easy, so much fun to knit, and quick! I didn’t do any wip updates because I cast-on Wednesday night and finished Thursday afternoon. I’d never knit a hat from the top down before, and it was a lot of fun. I realized, though, that under no circumstances will I ever work with aluminum dpn’s again. I bought them when I first started knitting, mainly because they were the cheapest I could find and I didn’t know any better. So here it is, a fun little fall hat that was quick to knit and looks cute on. I think I’m going to rip out the bind-off and redo it on bigger needles before I wear it. You might be able to tell from the photos that the bind-off is pulling a bit. I’m a tight binder offer, which is strange because I’m a super loose knitter. I can’t recommend this pattern enough, though. It was all around great!

foliage top viewThe yarn is one of my favorites, too. I bought this colorway and a pretty dusty purple back during my first weeks as a knitter. I turned the purple into a basic stockinette beanie, pictured here, which was tragically lost at the Marino Center at Northeastern during a winter workout session. I knew no good could come from exercising! This has been languishing in my stash for over a year, and I knew it would be perfect for Foliage. It’s a yummy pumpkiny color, which is just great for a fall hat. You can’t go wrong with orange, and it works so well with the leaf pattern. I love this hat. Yay for quick, interesting, wearable knits!

quizas para kv?

P.S. KV–this is one of the patterns I was considering for you for Christmas. Do you like it? If so, I’m going to look for some really soft yarn. Alpaca is super soft to the touch, but it can still be a little itchy next to the face. If not, I’ve got some slouchy ideas too. If you do like it, insert your face here —> Let me know, deary!



  1. What a cute hat! Thanks for sharing, as I am forever on the look-out for great hat patterns. They are my favorite things to knit.

  2. Oooooh, I love it! I have the yarn for this pattern and you may have inspired me to cast on (although I don’t really need another WIP right now…)

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