Posted by: mick | October 11, 2007

Hail to the Victors


This past weekend was so great.  I got some work done on Thursday and Friday, and then we drove up to Ann Arbor on Saturday to meet Deb and Gil for the Michigan game!  It was so much fun for both of us.  We’d never been to a big football game like that before, and it was a really cool experience.  People there are so devoted to their team, and Gil might be the best example of said devotion.  He and Deb drive out once a season, from Plattsburgh NY, to catch a game.  It’s cool that now we could go with them, being out here!  He brought us hats to wear, and we bought shirts the night before, so we were pumped.  We sang the fight song, stood up and cheered when records were broken, and had an all around great time (despite the record heat).  Afterward we went back to the car and tail-gated before driving home, which was so much fun!  It was weird, though; people near the stadium rent out their lawns, let you park and use their bathroom.  It’s a strange but lucrative side business.

jay mich gil mich

j mich

That night we headed back to Kalamazoo, went to Cold Stone for dinner (a Deb and Gil tradition), and hung around chatting.  We went to breakfast the next day, and then they took us out for our Christmas presents!  They got us bikes, which was so amazing.  We went to Zoo City, and they were super helpful.  I highly recommend them.  Sunday night Jason and I tried them out after his fam left and, boy, am I out of shape.  I haven’t ridden a bike since I was ten, and I’ve never had a bike where you had to shift.  I’m used to the basic pink huffy one-speed, where you back pedal to brake.  But I’m getting the hang of it.  We plan on going out again tomorrow and Sunday, which should be nice in the Fall weather, maybe seeing some leaves finally change.  I really want to try the Kal-Haven trail, but somehow I don’t think we’re up to that.  Yet.  Some day!

toe-up wipSo all in all it was a great weekend.  We always have a nice time with Deb and Gil, and this was no exception.  In knitting news, progress continues on the toe-up socks.  It’s slowed with my busy week, but I plan to knit a few rows as reward between paper grading this weekend.  I’ve got 20 to grade, so the socks should be done in no time!


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