Posted by: mick | September 29, 2007

FO: Wicked

wicked stairs

Pattern: Wicked from Zephyr Style

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Apple Green (4 skeins)

Needles: Denise 5 for body, Takumi 4 dpns for sleeves

Notes: I enjoyed knitting this sweater, but it got a little monotonous with all that stockinette. I did learn to cable without a needle, and making the pocket broke it up a bit. I opted for the worsted weight version with a pocket, and bought more than enough yarn (according to the pattern) for 3/4 length sleeves. I must have miscalculated, or their estimate might not count the pocket, but I ended up with kind of an odd sleeve length. I just knit until I ran out, which included unraveling my gauge swatch, and had just enough for the sleeves to be even at this length. I tried to stretch them out a bit while blocking, but they didn’t stay too stretched. They ended up about 2.5 inches past my elbow, which is fine for a fall sweater, but kind of strange. I doubled the waist decreases because I’ve got a very short, very pronounced waist, and the fit is pretty good. I only did four doubled hip increases, but looking back I’d cut that down even more to three I think. It’s a little loose across the hips which, while usually a good thing, I think looks kind of wonky with the fitted nature of this sweater. I’d also go down another needle size for the sleeve cabling to get them a little more fitted at the edges; with all that purling between cables they’re belling out a little, which I don’t like with this sleeve length.

wicked treeI’ve got mixed feelings about this sweater. I adored knitting with Malabrigo and will do so again, but the sweater itself has me feeling the dreaded “eh.” It’s soft as all get out, and not itchy at all. However, the neckline is annoying the crap out of me. The sweater looks better if it’s pulled down a little, so the boat neck really flatters, but it won’t stay that way, so I have to keep adjusting it. This might be my narrow shoulders causing problems, as they are wont to do. However, I noticed just now that the model in the pattern photo has her hands in the pocket and is pulling it down, which is tricksy of them. I need to pay more attention to the photographing of my next pattern and look out for pulling. Either way, I wore it last night when we had some new friends over, and it bugged me. Also, I’m just not sure that it’s a flattering fit for me. Jason and I just did our little photo shoot, and I’m not sure I like the sweater on. This also could be that I just don’t like my body lately since I’ve gained some weight, but I’m not sure. Overall it’s cute, just not the amazing sweater I imagined. I’ll wear it, though; it’s too soft not to. This sweater was easy to knit and good for watching tv, and the yarn is delightful. I do love the color, which is this bright highlighter green. It’s too bad it’s impossible to photograph; any bright light turns it into a blinding blob. I think I’ll be happier with it if I drop a little weight; all that green isn’t so flattering for curves. After all that stockinette, I’ve moved on to Notre Dame de Grace for a little stitch variety.



  1. I so ADORE the color and of course one of my favorite knits

  2. Oooh, I love all that Apple Green! So pretty. Nice work! Have fun with Notre Dame de Grace!

  3. I love the sweater and I think it looks great on you!

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