Posted by: mick | September 23, 2007

Sicky McSneeze-a-lot

Jason and I have been down for the count for about five days straight now.  It’s been pretty bad.  We’ve both had the typical head cold/flu symptoms (it started with him, most likely catching it from the peskiest of all germ carriers: the high school student), and we spent our entire four day weekend lying around using up lots of tissues.  It’s been a thrill.

wicked blocking

Thursday I felt well enough to do some finishing, however.  That’s right, Wicked is complete!  I had a near running out of yarn catastrophe, but it was averted when I remembered that I still had a gauge swatch in a drawer that I could unravel.  I made it with nothing to spare.  The sleeves were just below elbow length pre-blocking, so I tried to stretch them out a bit so they’re closer to 3/4 length.  I don’t have an FO post or pics to share yet because a. it’s still wet and b. I haven’t left the house in four days.  I know, so sad.  Here’s a blocking shot to satisfy your needs.  It’s so nice having a spare bed to block on!

ND d G swatchAfter blocking Wicked (the color ran a LOT, even after four rinses and some white vinegar, but the sweater still looks nice and vibrant) I swatched for Notre Dame de Grace.  I’ve gotten really good about not only swatching, but blocking my swatches.  I’m really proud of forcing myself to do this.  It’s not much fun, but it really is worth it.  Since doing this I’ve gotten sweaters that I’m much happier with fit-wise.

So Friday, on my sick bum all day, I cast-on and started Notre Dame de Grace.  I’m getting to know the way I knit; I automatically go down two needle sizes from those called for in a pattern, and I almost always get spot on gauge.  I’m the loosest of knitters, but it’s ok with me.  All day yesterday I had a fever and slept.  As Jason pointed out, you know I’m sick when I don’t even feel like knitting.  I was feeling sorry for myself, I must admit; we had fun plans with a new friend and her husband to head to an orchard and play cards, and we had to cancel because I was a mess.  However, then a package arrived to cheer me up.  It was my Knitpicks order!  I’d never ordered from them before, and I am so pleased with their service.  They shipped everything on Monday, and I got it yesterday, which is not bad at all.  It contained some awesome goodies.  I treated myself to some books (all on sale, of course): Folk Socks, Scarf Style, Vintage Knits, and Knitting Classic Style.  Veronik Avery is my favorite knitwear designer; it’s gotten to the point that I can tell what she’s designed when the new Interweave Knits comes out, so I couldn’t wait for this book.  It is not a disappointment; I love most everything.  Kim Hargreaves, however, is now also one of my favorites.  Vintage Knits is an amazingly gorgeous book, and I love all of the sweaters in it.  There are very few that I don’t covet.  I love the styling of both books as well, but Vintage Knits is just gorgeous beyond all get out.  It looks like a behind the scenes shoot of a Kathryn Hepburn movie.  Swoon.

andean silkAlso in the package were some size 0 circs for socks (I’m going to try it out) and this:

ND de G one skein inI want to make the Tree Jacket from Zephyr Style (because their patterns rock!), but I haven’t bought it yet.  I want to work on Notre Dame de Grace, which now looks like this after one skein:

The color is much truer in the swatch than on my porch; sunlight does funny things to yarn.  It’s this gorgeous, dark tealy blue.  It’s sort of blackish teal, if that makes any sense.  It might be the sudafed talking.  I’m loving this yarn, I really am.  It’s Jamieson’s Soft Shetland and, while it’s not exactly soft, it’s perfect.  It’s that really traditional, scratchy tough wool, which I’m finding so satisfying after the incredible softness and fluffiness of the Malabrigo.

Today I’m going to wipe the entire apartment down with disinfecting wipes.  I normally avoid them for something more green but, after this weekend, we seriously need to degermify.  Then I’ll straighten up, do some work, and knit in front of the tv.  This is the week the Eagles will finally win a game; I can feel it.  Say it with me: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!



  1. Love the color of your Wicked! What yarn is that you used and color??

    Glad that you “barely” made finishing it!

  2. I am sorry you’re sick! My partner is in the same state you are and I am fighting with all of my might not to get there – I am on a strict regimen of Airborne and tea!

    Your Wicked looks great – an entire sweater made of Malabrigo must just be heaven!

  3. Nice outfits, Eagles. I’d mock your team relentlessly if they weren’t kicking so much ass right now.

  4. P.S. I hope you feel better soon, Cutie! We’ll keep you chock full of OJ and ice cream in the meantime.

  5. Ooo. Get better soon. That Wicked is just adorable.

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