Posted by: mick | August 31, 2007

And the rain came falling down

My mom and I are very close. I’m an only child, and she was single during most of my upbringing, so we have this really tight mother/daughter relationship. She’s one of my best friends. I know it’s been hard for her since I moved to Boston three years ago; I went to undergrad in DC so was only two hours away from home. One thing that always helps is the visit she takes when I move to a new place. Within a month of a move, Basia always visits for a few days to help me get settled and just see where I am. I think it helps her to picture me in my new surroundings when we chat on the phone.

Bas started planning her visit to Kalamazoo as soon as we signed our lease and set up the movers, and was originally scheduled to arrive on the 12th, but a mix-up with her tickets forced her to postpone the trip for one week. The week of the 10th, the week she was supposed to be here, was gorgeous. I should have heeded the omen when all of the trains from Chicago, where she was flying in to, and Kalamazoo were booked for Sunday. Then Saturday night it started to rain. Hard. And it didn’t let up all week. Our week seemed doomed, and it certainly had its down points. The highlights:

  • It was pouring rain all day Sunday, which lengthened our trip to and from Chicago. We drove to pick Bas up, as she couldn’t take the train, and it was not pleasant. We stopped to eat at a Denny’s on the way back because Jason and I hadn’t eaten, and we were there an hour before we got our food.
  • We went to the fabric store in the rain Monday, where a lot of money was dropped on fabric and supplies to sew seat cushions for our dining room window seat and the wicker set on the porch. When we got home to begin sewing we discovered that my machine, which Bas saved for me when she got a new one and shipped to me in Boston, was broken. We made another trip in the rain, bought oil and oiled the entire machine, Jason took it apart and examined it, and still a no go. The machine was scrapped, and no sewing was done.
  • My Dziadzi was (falsely, it turns out) diagnosed with pneumonia, then pleurisy, then who knows and admitted to the hospital. He’s still there, but we’ve gotten good news and he should be released in a few days. However, during the visit it was stressful for all, especially Basia who wanted to be in Jersey to help her dad.
  • After one of two days where we got a little bit of sun (which was followed by torrential rain, again), we lost power. Thursday night at 6 it was gone not only in our place, but most of the city. We couldn’t really do much.
  • My uncle in Chicago, who we were supposed to visit Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, got over 6 inches of water in his finished basement and had a ton of damage. We canceled our visit as the electric company estimated our power turning back on Sunday night at midnight at the earliest.

After all this, we were exhausted. Basia went home a day early because of the power loss. Of course, that meant it came on Friday night at midnight, so we had some power on Saturday. Just in time to drive her to the train!

The visit wasn’t a total loss, of course. Basia helped us out a ton, and we got lots of cleaning done, hung curtains, did laundry, cooked, broke down boxes, and made an exciting purchase!

That’s right, the papasan was brought home! Barely, though; our new car is decidedly lacking in the trunk space department. Bas threw in a footstool, too, which the cats equally adore.

wiglaf footstool

mow papasan

Basia and I also did a little shopping, during which I bought two pair of shoes for school and she got some sneakers. I also taught her to knit successfully! She did such a great job, though she was putting lots of pressure on herself at first. I showed her my first knitted object, which is full of holes and terribly uneven, which I think made her feel better. She picked it up really quickly, and was pretty hooked after a day. She would come running into a room to show me her progress, grinning and proud. I was so proud of her! She’s a natural. We went to Stitching Memories where she bought two skeins of Cascade 220 Tweed for a scarf, which she’s going to knit in some sort of ribbed pattern. She also chose a shawl pattern for her Christmas gift, and she picked out a really nice mohair blend yarn to work it in. I’m going to get started soon, as I’m sure it’ll take me a while once school starts. I think knitting will be a wonderful hobby for her, especially in the winter. Basia loves to garden, and this will keep her busy during those cold, indoor months. Great job, Bas! I worked on Wicked, which looks like this now:

wicked wip

Though we had a nice time, the bad luck made it trying for everyone. I hope her next visit will be less stressful and more enjoyable. We’re already looking forward to it, though it won’t be until Christmas time most likely. And, of course, after the train pulled away the sun came out and hasn’t gone in since. Go figure.



  1. Love the color of your Wicked! I plan to knit that this fall!

  2. Hi, Mickles. Wow, I felt like a celebrity after reading your blog!!! haha. I really enjoyed our visit, despite the weather, etc. You taught me to knit, and that’s a good thing. I plan on getting started soon with my scarf. Just trying to catch up on things since the last 10 days were spent concentrating on dziadzi. Love you, and I love the picture of you in the blue sweater. Wicked is coming along beautifully. Love momXXOO Good luck this week!!!

  3. Oh Mick, the sweater looks great, I love the color and can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Too bad about the stinky weather when your Mom visited, I’m sure she just loved her time spent with you, regardless of climate. Enjoyed reading about it. See you soon.

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