Posted by: mick | August 17, 2007

FO: Kolenya

kolenyaPattern: Kolenya from Sheep and No City (found via Ravelry)

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, approximately one ball

Needles: dpns (I forget which size, cripe!)

Notes:  So I knitted these up very quickly before we left Boston.  I wanted to make something funky and cute for Claudia (the oft-lauded Best Hairdresser in the Entire World), and I thought these cute fingerless mitts were perfect.  I found them via Ravelry, and thought they looked fun and quick.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t really pleased with the process or the finished result.  The mitts include instructions for crocheted finger-holders or something, which I tried desperately to create but couldn’t.  I had to leave them out, because I’m the pits at crochet of any form.  The pattern really quite confused me overall.  I think, if I had read it correctly, the finished product would have been much to my liking.  However, the pattern just seemed unclear and had a few mistakes that I caught.  (I’m not a regular reader of the blogger who created the pattern, but I wondered if she was a non-native English speaker?  It seemed like the problems in clarity may have been due to translation issues.  This also could just be my inner English teacher coming through.)  The mitts ended up way too long, so I went back and ripped a little to compensate, and ended up with a slight discrepancy in length, which couldn’t be fixed as I didn’t have time to block.  Oh well.  It was only my second fingerless glove pattern (I’ve knitted two pair of Fetching as gifts with great results), and I must say I prefer the Fetching pattern in terms of method of thumb placement, etc.  Overall the mitts turned out fine, but they weren’t my favorite FO.  I hope Claudia ends up using them, though!  I think the finished mitts could have been much improved if I weren’t rushing so much to complete them and stressing about the move.  Either way, I don’t think I’ll knit this pattern again.

Please excuse the poor photo quality.  Note the artsy, minimalist, pre-move setting: sheet on the floor where we were sleeping; water glass; not even bothering to model the mitts.   Classic.



  1. Aah okay I see now. Yeah I knew I wanted to nix the crochet finger dividers from the beginning!

    And I agree they were too long and to me too wide for a woman’s hand.

    However, I like the thumb placement/method than Fetching (which was also my 1st pair stab at mitts and Kolenyas my 2nd! ;op)

    Ooh well I’ve come to realize how you feel about the F.O. will be how you take a pic of it! Haha!

    You know I love honesty in a blog gurl! ;o)

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