Posted by: mick | August 5, 2007

(mid) westward ho!

This is how I feel right now; I’m more than ready to say goodbye to Boston.

“Mick,” you might be thinking, “what are you doing posting a blog on the day your movers are coming to schlep your stuff away?” The answer to that is complicated, but I’ll sum it up thusly: the movers called yesterday morning, a day before they were scheduled to get here, to cancel. I’m sure you can read more about it here, as Jason came out of a blogging hiatus simply to enumerate the crappiness that is Available Movers. It all worked out in the end, though, as we found new movers who seem more reliable and gave us a cheaper rate, and we’ll be out of dodge tomorrow. No biggie, as we’ll still arrive Tuesday in Kalamazoo as planned.

So I’ve got photos to share of one FO and one almost FO, but unfortunately my computer is all packed for the car so they’ll have to wait. I also got a haircut yesterday, from The World’s Most Fabulous Hairdresser, miss Claudia from Salon Marc Harris. She has seen me through so many amazing cuts and colors, and I’m going to miss her so much. If you’re in Boston or the Boston area and are looking for a stylist who really listens to you, knows how to suit your features, is honest and hilarious/sweet as pie to boot, go see her.  I had my hair do everything from the Billy Idol blonde with peacock colored highlights to black, asymmetrical with blue and purple, to the relatively tame hair you see me with now.  She can do anything.  Go see her.  I’m trying to grow my hair out, but now I’ve got some Doctor Cox approved rock and roll bangs. I’m quite pleased.

So today we’re packing what little we have left, hanging out, and getting ready for tomorrow. We leave right after the movers take off, pass the night in Andover at Jason’s friend Rob’s house, and make the other half of the trek Tuesday morn. I am more excited than I can possibly express. Hence the title of this post, which is coincidentally the title of the kick ass playlist I made for the trip. I find it hilarious that it has almost 16 hours of music, and with pit stops, etc. we’ll most likely start it over from the beginning once. Insane.

On a knitting note, I packed my awesome little sewing box that J gave to me for Christmas full of yarn for a few projects. I’ve got the yarn for Notre Dame de Grace, a secret non-bloggable item, my leftover Schaeffer Anne for toe-up socks for me (my first try at the toe-up method) and my Cherry Tree Hill for Crusoe. It will take the movers up to ten days from our first available moving date to get our stuff to us, which means it might be as late as the 18th before I can even start unpacking. With no tv and nothing to do, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of knitting done. I might even do two socks at once, as explained by Lindsay. Thanks, pal!

So bye for now, folks. I’ll have access to internet again in a few days. Wish us luck!



  1. Safe travels! Hope the moving process gets better (and not worse).

  2. Movers stink! Good luck with the move, have a safe trip and enjoy all of that knitting time!

  3. Heah, Mickles. I enjoyed your synopsis of your 3 year “stay” in Boston. I couldn’t agree more. Although upon arrival, you felt your life was grim, what a beautiful woman you were when you left “bean town”. You can think of Boston as your “larva” stage, and now the butterfly has flown. I just know Kalamazoo will become as important to you as DC. Love always, Basia XXOO

  4. Good luck with your move! And I am right there with you in your changing your hair=bravery statement in your previous post 🙂

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