Posted by: mick | August 2, 2007

Adieu to Boston

Adieu to Boston

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So everyone who knows me well knows my mixed emotions about Boston. I’m not sure if it’s because I moved here during such a shaky time in my life (just got spectacularly binged, having family problems, losing touch with longtime friends), or the fact that I loved DC so damned much, but something made me fight against Boston from the get-go.

Though I’ve wanted to move out of this city for almost as long as I’ve lived here*, in the past few weeks I’ve grown sentimental. After all, this is the city where I feel I’ve truly grown not only up, but into myself. Here I was braver than I’ve ever been, moving where I knew not a soul, starting graduate school, dying my hair completely insane colors and cutting it all whacky, etc. (Yes, I do rank the hair as brave as the move. Hair is a big thing for me.) This is also the city where I met the love of my life, the man who treats me better than I ever thought possible, the man who makes me envision a future I never considered before meeting him.

My memories of Boston are full of amazing times with Jason, exploring new neighborhoods, cursing the T for the millionth time, and eating lots of meals out rather than at home. This will always be, for better or worse, our city. For that reason Boston will always have a particularly special place in my heart.

As we prepare to move halfway across the country, to a region I’ve never inhabited (I’ve always been an East Coast girl), I am excited to start new traditions, and continue those Jason and I have begun here. Boston is the city where we met, fell in love, and began our life together, and I will always think of it fondly. (Except for the T. I have absolutely no fond memories of the T. Seriously. I’m excited to let go of my T induced rage.)

*Disclaimer to all Bostonians: This is a beautiful, clean, lovely city steeped in history and tradition. Please don’t take my dislike personally. Your city is quite grand, but just not for me. I hope you don’t hate me for being honest . And if it makes you feel better, feel free to mock the hell out of Philadelphia. You would certainly not be the first.


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