Posted by: mick | July 29, 2007

The art of distraction

So lately I haven’t done much posting. The main reason is that it’s wicked hot* in our foyer/computer room. I must confess that the limited time I spend on my computer has been devoted to Ravelry. I am completely obsessed! At first I spent most of my time searching around, looking at patterns. I also put up a few of my fo’s, which was a lot of fun. As a list-maker/to do list checker-offer, I find it immensely satisfying to have a visual account of what I’ve knitted so far. Of course, most of my gifted items I stupidly gave away before taking photos. However, it’s still really neat to see what I’ve accomplished. I particularly enjoy arranging them by date completed and looking at how far I’ve come. Yes, I’m a giant nerd.  I also joined a Michigan Knitters group, and I hope that will enable me to get more involved in the fibery community in Kalamazoo.

Yesterday, after taking the cats to the vet for their pre-migration check-ups (which was an experience in and of itself), we came home to a really stormy day. Seriously, this was the sky when we left the vet’s office:scary sky

Being the type that loves storms, yesterday was a great day for me and Jason. He graded some papers and played WOW, and I organized and categorized my stash for Ravelry. It was so much fun, and I really love having a visual, organized stock of the yarns I’ve acquired. I’ve been making hats lately as gifts for co-workers, and I never throw away the scraps, so I also organized all of my leftovers into one little container that’s easily visible. My Aunt Lisa gave me a bunch of those vinyl, clear packages that pillow cases and things come in when I’m home. She’s always coming through with stuff like that for me. Thanks, Aunt Lisa! So now I’m organized, and last night I watched some of our few unpacked dvd’s and finished up the body on Rusted Root. I’ve only got the ribbing to do and weaving in of ends, but I can’t do the bottom ribbing or the neck until I buy a size 2 circular.

Which brings me to my next distraction. Today we headed to Thornton’s in Fenway for our last visit and brunch, le sigh, before moving. On the way home we decided to cut through Best Buy to take advantage of a few moments of air conditioning. And guess what they had there!  (Cue the heavenly music)


That’s right, we got a wii!! We’ve been wanting one since Christmas, but they never ever ever have them in Boston. What luck! I’m not much of a video gamer, as Jason has the market cornered on that in our little family. He’s been dying to get one, but I was always kind of lukewarm on the subject. Then at Dave and Amy’s I was able to play for a little bit, and it was so much fun! Jason’s setting it up as we speak!

So be forewarned, my blog friends (blends?  frogs?  can i please coin a term for friends made through one’s blog?), that I will most likely be nerding it up hardcore for the next few days. Knitting content be damned; I skipped the LYS today in lieu of getting home to play asap. Say hello to my week before the move, which will certainly be wiitastic.

*  I usually vehemently oppose the use of the word “wicked” by non-native Bostonians, but consider this my homage to the city I’ll soon be leaving.



  1. Java the Pup will be boarding at that vet this weekend.

    Enjoy the Wii!

  2. Wii rulz (the z is there to let you know how awesome I think it is!) I am not in any shape or form a gamer but I just can’t get enough of the Wii. We got ours in February and I play at least once a week.

  3. I see how it is . . . you two are all about procrastinating from packing! Wii away if it helps, but don’t forget your Rusted Root . . . I am standing by for FO pictures 🙂

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