Posted by: mick | July 11, 2007

My latest obsession

Or alternatively, an open love letter to the dyers at Noro.

I love Noro Kureyon. I’m using the word love here to talk about my feelings for a yarn. It all started when I first began knitting, and I became obsessed with Lizard Ridge. I couldn’t get over the beauty of the blanket, the brightness of the colors. I started hoarding skeins of Kureyon almost as soon as I knitted my first swatch, and I’ve got a ton right now. (I did try to knit a square for Lizard Ridge once, but I couldn’t get the short rows after three attempts. It’s been on hold ever since.) I wanted to knit something for Jason, but after reading so much about the sweater curse, I decided not to risk it. I vowed I wouldn’t knit him anything, at all, until we’re married, just to be safe. Jason, being tricksy as usual, then declared that he would go hatless and scarfless all winter in protest unless I knitted him a hat and scarf to wear. I couldn’t have him freeze during a New England winter, and so we went online, he picked out his favorite colorway of Kureyon, and I got to knitting. The hat ended up a littler large, but it’s warm and he wears it so I’m happy.

As I knitted up the hat and scarf, I was endlessly amused by the shifting colors. It was so much fun to watch them develop and change, and to try and guess what was coming next. Sadly, I put down the Kureyon and tackled many many other projects for myself and others. Since about December it’s been relegated to the bottom of my yarn basket, languishing in lavendar sachets.

Until now, that is. I wanted to knit the ladies from my now-ex job little hats, and decided that Kureyon would be a good choice for my younger, more hip co-worker. I grabbed the nearest skein, wound into a ball and missing a band, and started knitting. I couldn’t stop once I began. Sure, many of the skeins have breaks and are knotted together once. (I think this is due to the dyeing process, but it’s not hard to mask as the colors change rather frequently. Plus, I like the haphazard order it gives the striping.) Yes, it’s a single and can probably felt if you look at it wrong. It’s true that there is a good deal of vegetable matter (none of which can’t be pulled out easily with your fingernails), and the wooliness may not work for the itch-sensitive among us. But good god, the colors! I kept running from my perch on the futon in the other room to Jason, demanding he ooh and aah over each new color switch. And can you blame me? Look at the saturation! (If you’re not into the really bright colors like I am, never fear: Kureyon has a million colorways to choose from, many of which fall on the more muted, subtle side, but are equally brilliant in their tone and saturation.)

snork hat

I know the photo is a little blurry, but the colors are spot on. The blue and green are so so vivid, you’d think you’re looking at pure dye. I’ve never seen colors to match it in a different brand of yarn, or gotten so many from one single skein of any other. My favorite part is the mottled green and red at the top. Some day, I will spin a yarn with that effect and I’ll make a head to foot jumper out of it with a nifty zipper down the middle. Ok, that would be insane, but that’s how much with the love. (P.S. That’s the yaaaaaaaaaarn pirate shirt Jason got me for my birthday. Yarn? Pirates? Yes, please.)

After I got to the blue, I admitted what I’d been thinking all along: I was keeping this hat for myself. Once I reached the decreases, I had a bit leftover, and tried my hand at my first I-Cord. It went well, and I knotted it at the top for fun, though it also looks cute knotted at the bottom. I’ve thus dubbed it:

FO: Snork Hat (remember the Snorks? Didn’t they kick ass, fellow children of the 80s?)

Pattern: My own basic generic easy peasy go-to hat pattern

Yarn: Noro Kureyon (squee!), unknown colorway, almost one full skein

Needles: Denise 7s

Notes: None. I-cord on the top = fun. The bottom is a 3 x 1 rib to prevent rolling. Cast on 92 stitches and rock out.

I LOVE THIS HAT. So much so that I’ve been wearing it around in the 90 degree heat in Boston. I so cannot wait for the snowy Michigan winters. Cause I’ll be warm, as well as stylin’. And now I know exactly what to do with all of that extra Kureyon.
kureyon blockingDisclaimer: I quick as a whip made another for the co-worker. She’ll like these colors much better anyway, so it all worked out. Or so I’m telling myself.



  1. I loved the Snorks!! The hats look great . . . and I want to see your Lizard Ridge. It’s on my wish-I-had-time-and-cash knitting list — is it done? Did you like doing all those short rows? Are you one of the special ones who *gasp* can knit back backwards (or whatever you call it . . .)?

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