Posted by: mick | July 8, 2007

Birthday weekend

First off, thanks again to all who wished me a happy happy.  It was so sweet!

Jason and I had a really lovely day.  First he set up a treasure hunt in the apartment for me to find my presents, which included an amazing homemade pirate card, a piratey yarn t-shirt (photos coming soon, they all turned out blurry), and a beautiful birchwood swift.  I’m so excited!  He must have gotten tired of my cursing up a storm every time I try to wind a ball with the hank around my knees.  I’m such a lucky girl 🙂

After breakfast and presents, we went to the Public Garden for a picnic lunch.  We got bagel sandwiches from Bagel Rising, home of the best bagels I’ve ever had.  Seriously, we used to serve them at the coffee shop I worked at and they were to die for.  After the picnic we wandered around and did a photo shoot of my latest FO, which I’ll share with you now.

honeymoon FO

FO: Honeymoon from Knitty, by Julia Trice

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Sedona Red, about 2.5 skeins

Needles: Denise 5s

Notes:  This tank was a labor of love.  I tried knitting it a few months ago, but messed up my gauge so it was huge, thus forcing me to rip it out.  The pattern was extremely well-written, and the paired increases and decreases are genius.  The problem is mainly that this is only the second full garment I’ve made for myself, and I’m still mastering the accurate measurement of gauge, determining the correct amount of ease, and my own body shape.  You see, I’m quite curvy (as you can see from the pictures), and I’m also rather short.  I’ve got long legs for my height, but am the most short-waisted person I’ve ever met.  Seriously, it’s kind of creepy.  Combine that with lots of curves and narrow shoulders and it’s anyone’s guess what size I should knit.  I went for the size 38 bust, but I think I could have gone down a size and had negative ease.  To compensate for my curvitude, I added two more waist decreases, and then two more increases to get to the right stitch count for the bust.  After kitchenering(?) up the straps, to which I didn’t add any i-cord length, the V was still down to almost my navel.  So, I tinked back until I had nine stitches on each needle, which left me with a nice amount of length but a more wearable top.  I’m not super-thrilled with the result, as it’s not as cute and flirty as the pattern photo, but I am proud that I was able to modify the pattern as much as I did.  I’m still learning so much when I knit, and this tank has taught me the most so far.  The yarn I loved, and the pattern I loved, but I’m not sure knitted tanks love me.  Overall, however, I think I’ll wear it some more this summer, and definitely can use it as a vest in the fall. (On a side note, this is the longest my hair has been in over six years.  I’m trying to grow it, but temptation to cut it is getting to me.  Any opinions?)

honeymoon in the park

After our picnic and photo shoot, Jason and I headed over to Windsor Button for some birthday yarn buying.  Deb and Gil had given me a gift-certificate of sorts, and I naturally couldn’t wait to spend it.  After some digging around, I purchased the following:

birthday stash enhancement The blue is Cotton Fleece for Rusted Root.  I really love the color they used in the sample, but since I’ve just completed a top in the same exact color I wanted a change.  Blue is definitely a change for me, as I never ever wear it.  The green, which in reality is even brighter and more insane, is Malabrigo for Wicked.  Every time I go into Windsor Button I fondle the Malabrigo, and I’ve been dying to knit something up with it.  I can’t wait to get started, I think I’ll make the version with short sleeves and the pouch in front, though I bought enough yarn to lengthen the sleeves to 3/4 length.  The yarn-store lady commented, “Well it certainly is a wicked color,” and she is not wrong.  However, it just called to me.  I like wearing really bright colors as a sort of neutral, and I’m hoping I can pull this off.

bamboo button

I also purchased this beautiful bamboo button for Notre Dame de Grace, whenever I actually begin it.  I’ve never made a sweater where I had to do any seaming, and I’m a little nervous.  I’m anxious to start that one, but I’ll probably begin Rusted Root first, as it will be more practical for summer and fall wear.

The project I really want to begin, and for which I’ve set aside the rest of my birthday money, is the Ram’s Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature.  It’s so amazing to me, the flow of it.  I love asymmetry and things that are classic but with a twist, and this jacket definitely has that quality.  I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it.  The color I envision for it is a heathered yellow/gold, which I saw Classic Elite Renaissance comes in.  However, I don’t trust my computer or yarn sites to be color true, and neither of my trusty LYS carries that yarn.  Cascade 220 seems to be a suitable alternative, but again with not trusting the colors online, and no one has that color in stock.  So I’m waiting until I find the perfect yarn.  Does anyone know where I can purchase color cards for either of these yarns?  I’ve been looking online fanatically but can’t seem to find them.

After our shopping, Jason and I retired home where he cooked me the most amazing dinner.  I chose gazpacho, one of my favorites, and he made me crab cakes, which I adore.  It was really delicious, and I’m so proud of him for tackling them!  Jason was a nervous cook when we first met, but he gets more and more adventurous and confident as time goes by.  And he should be confident, everything was really really good.

After that and some Carvel ice-cream cake (hell yes), we wandered down the street and had a few birthday drinks.  It was the best birthday I can remember, and I owe it all to my love.  Yes, I’m a sap, but it’s my blog so I can be, darn it.  Thanks again for the birthday wishes; I hope everyone’s weekend was as wonderful as mine.



  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Honeymoon looks awesome!

  2. Loved the Blog site! I chuckled alot reading your commentaries, enjoyed the photos and love the longer hair style! Mick your talent at knitting simply blows me away! Looking forward to more.

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize you were knitting up Wicked in Malabrigo!! Yep that is a wicked color! LOL What is the name of the colorway??
    And you only need 4 hanks??
    I have been eyeing the Lettuce varigated colorway in Malabrigo and so want to knit something up with it…mmmmh may just be this! :op

  4. Nevermind!! I found it! :op LOL

    I will be sure to get 5 hanks! HAHA

  5. […] frogging relief.  Some of you may recognize that as the Cotton Fleece I used for my ill-fated Honeymoon Cami.  I love that pattern, I really do.  Unfortunately, I had some major gauge issues (twice!) and […]

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