Posted by: mick | July 5, 2007

Let the birthdayganza begin!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 26, which depresses me to no end. I’m not lying. Those of you who know me shouldn’t be surprised, as I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. I vividly remember when I turned ten, sitting in the bathtub and crying because I was halfway to twenty and, man, twenty was practically dead. I’m a teensy bit crazy, but I always have been, so I try to go with it.

Yesterday was the fourth (A little bit of trivia: my mom was due to have me on the 4th, but I was two days late. True story.), and Jason and I spent it like any other day during our month off: he played some WOW, I did some knitting, we went for a run/walk, and basically vegged out. It was nice to relax, as we went out the day before to catch Transformers (which kicked some robot alien ass, by the way). We opted out of the Boston fireworks, which was good because they’re usually so crowded that it’s tough to enjoy them. Also good because it rained most of the night (suckers!). Yesterday I finished up not one but two projects, and here is one of them. The other, the illustrious Honeymoon Cami, won’t be revealed until the sun comes out and Jason and I can have a photo shoot. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow, as we’re also supposed to enjoy a fabulous birthday picnic.

f and f blocking

FO: Feather and Flame/Old Sha(oa)le Scarf

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Schaeffer Anne (about one half of a 500-ish yard hank)

Needles: Denise 6s

Notes: After much wrestling with this yarn, I finally found the pattern it wanted to be (suggested thoughtfully by Cosy). This is the third in my Professor Gift Scarves series, so I’m quite glad to have it finished. It was a really easy knit, and went pretty quickly considering I was only working on this while taking the T or waiting for my class to start; the rest of the time was eaten up by the Honeymoon knitting. The colors are truly gorgeous, and f and f detailsince I’ve got some left I hope to put them to good use by knitting myself some little ankle socks. I want to try toe up socks to maximize the yardage, but I can’t master short rows. Any tips?

Later last night Jason tricked me into “opening” one of my presents early. Lo and behold it was a yarny gift good for 100 beans of the knitting goodness of my choice (generously gifted by the ever fabulous Deb and Gil, aka Jason’s mom and Stepdad). I was so excited, I immediately got out some books to figure out which patterns I want to knit. At first I was leaning more toward a spindle, but I think I’ll wait to try some out at the Michigan Fiber Festival (whoo-hoo!) once we get out to Kalamazoo in August. Instead I’ve decided to spring for a few patterns that I’ve been eyeing and the yarn for one or more of them. First things first: I want a cardigan. I was opting for the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from Spring IK, but I realize that by the time I knit it I won’t be able to wear it. Next I considered the Hex Coat from Knitting Nature, but I realize that a long sweater like that will be impractical for me. I love it, but will most likely shorten it if I ever make it, as I’m not the long sweater kind of girl (read: the kind of girl with gynormous birthing hips that look even larger under lots of fabric. Mom butt = bad). So, I’ve settled on the Ram’s Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature instead. It’s really differenIt calls for Classic Elite Renaissance, but since that is just described as “100% wool” and is a worsted weight, I can do some shopping around for a good sub I’m sure. With the money leftover, I will purchase the Wicked and Rusted Root patterns from Zephyr Style. I’ve been looking at them both for a while, and realized they’re a great investment for me. First, Rusted Root is just gorgeous, and calls for the Cotton Fleece that I’ve grown so fond of during my Honeymoon venture. Second, Wicked is really adaptable, and it’s just plain adorable. Mostly they suit me because I love the idea of short-sleeved sweaters. I layer a lot, and these will allow me to wear my long-sleeved tees all winter without being freezing. Can’t wait to get started! (Note: has anyone made any of these sweaters? If there are recommendations, please send them my way!)

I’ve got nothing on the needles except for one little non-bloggable, so I’m itching to start something new. I may just start swatching for the Notre Dame de Grace tonight. Mmmmm, can’t wait for fall.

Tomorrow being the big day I most likely won’t blog. This year is the first birthday in three that I won’t be spending alone. Three years ago I had just moved to Boston and didn’t know anyone yet. Then, though Jason and I were together the last two years, we couldn’t see each other on my birthday as he was home in Plattsburgh for his summer job. That means that tomorrow will be extra special just because I get to be with him. Can’t wait!

prof gifts

The prof gifts, all wrapped and ready for delivery on Monday. I love the tissue paper, it makes it look extra special.



  1. Happy Birthday, TA!

    I tried to email you, but for some reason my work email did not save your gmail address (grrr). I really need your phone number.

    Anywho, I hope you have a spectacular birthday and that you and Jason enjoy whatever it is you have planned for the day! I also hope that everything is going nice and easy breezy as you plan your move to whoville!

    I miss you and I hope that we can seriously plan a visit to the MI. It would be lovely. I love you times a million!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!!

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