Posted by: mick | June 22, 2007

More witches!

I haven’t blogged in a bit (what a funny verb), and that’s mainly because I’ve been quite busy. Last weekend started off right with lots of fun: Aaron, Erin, Jason and I went to Salem, MA for the day to experience the witchy goodness. We spent the day ducking in and out of various museums, shops, doing a lot of walking and browsing, and ended it with a delicious seafood dinner on the wharf. It was a wonderful day, and right up my alley. I’m a person that loves, truly loves, a good day of unplanned fun. When we got there we grabbed a map and just wandered, doing whatever we fancied at that particular moment. Jason is one of the only people I know besides my mother who can truly do this and enjoy it, and I find it infinitely refreshing. When he and I went to Florence last year, we took our time getting to know the city, wandering down random streets, doing nothing in particular. I treasured every second of it.

So we came home Friday quite sleepy but refreshed by the sea air and sunshine. I liked Salem a great deal, though it seems a little strange to me. The Salem Witch Museum was, oddly, not a museum at all. There were two rooms, both of which featured animatronics figures that were supposed to speak, but didn’t move really. They just had voices coming out of them when a button was pushed. Though the initial presentation detailing the controversy was interesting, it would only have been so if you have never read The Crucible. Jason and I have. I love a good museum (much like I love a good antique store). I have a great deal of fun imagining the person who used that broom/wore that ring/played those records, and was really excited to see some amazing witch trial paraphernalia. Unfortunately, they don’t have that. It’s witch museumnot a museum at all, which disappointed all four of us. After that we headed to the Myths and Monsters Museum, which was also not a museum. It had a haunted house portion which was lots of fun, though, so we were pleased. Other than that it was mostly wandering aimlessly, which I quite enjoyed, but I found Salem to be a confusingly contradictory place. The “Salem Witches” weren’t witches at all. In effect, the trials were a horrible prank gone out of hand, a terrible example of mass hysteria and wrongful persecution. (Aaron pointed out how conservative the museum was, asking things about the the devil’s new form, etc. during a presentation, and then it had an example of modern day trials which included the AIDS scare in the 80s and the following fear/hatred of gays. Fascinating juxtaposition.) Yet, everywhere you go in Salem, literally, there are things celebrating the stereotypical ideal of witches. Black hats, brooms, etc. It’s interesting to me that it has become a huge haven for Wiccans (granted, I know very very little about their religion, so please excuse my ignorance), which the museum presented as examples of modern day witches. Aside from their presence, however, it all seemed so disgustingly commercialized. It kind of made me sad, as I loved the architecture and old-towne feel of Salem.

cake!The rest of the weekend included a going away party at Aaron and Erin’s (tear) which got rather controversial at several moments, so Jason and I left a little early. Erin made a fabulous cake, with little flags detailing our Midwestern migration. She and Aaron are off to Indiana in about a week and a half, J and I head to Kalamazoo in August, and their friends Brian and Joan head to Chicago in September. It’s all very exciting! However, I was exhausted from the previous day, so it was nice to come home and sleep. Phew.

In the past week, after getting my mojo back with the remaking of The Necklace, I’ve been doing some knitting. I picked up Honeymoon and started over, this time using size 5 needles, and am pleased with the results thus far. I’m not splitting the yarn like I did before, so it actually was a bit of a blessing that I needed to frog it anyway. Also, after much deliberation, I’ve settled on a scarf pattern for that tricky Schaeffer Anne. Thanks to Cosy for suggesting old shoal/feather and fan. It’s simple enough that the yarn doesn’t split as it had before, and the colors are coming out beautifully. The pattern suits the yarn quite well. I also received my first Vogue Knitting in the mail this week, and I’m not sure after reading it I’ll renew my subscription next year. I’ve gotten attached to Interweave Knits, and after reading an issue I have at least four things I want to knit. In Vogue Knitting, I couldn’t find one. Not a single pattern called out to my needles. The pieces are lovely, but I don’t see myself wearing or wanting to knit any of them. It might be just a bit too fancy for me. Ok, wip pic, then off to the Museum of Science with Jason and Erin. Whee!


The colors of the Schaeffer Anne aren’t done justice here, but the Cotton Fleece (swoon) is pretty much spot on.



  1. yay! glad it’s working out.

  2. I feel exactly the same about Vogue . . . it’s fun to look at, but when it comes down to picking up the needles and yarn, I just end up with patterns from Knitty or Interweave every time. Glad you’ve got your mojo back . . . it can be so frustrating when a project doesn’t work the way you want it to . . .

  3. Aahhh, I love just going where the day takes you. My best friend and I call it frittering and we love to plan Frittering Days where we’ll pick a place to go and just wander and explore. It is one of my favorite things in the world.

    What size needles are you using for your Anne scarf? I have a skein of Anne that I fell in love with and bought and now I can’t figure out what to do with it. I was thinking maybe socks or a shawl but a scarf might be nice too…

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