Posted by: mick | June 15, 2007

(Re)working it

After my whiny pants post the other night, I thought something crafty and fun was in order, but I still couldn’t bring myself to pick up any yarn. I pouted a bit until inspiration struck: I’d fix The Necklace!

necklace pre-fixThe Necklace is, in my mind, the closest thing to perfection in necklace form. Jason’s mom gave me two antique beaded necklaces from her collection last year in my Easter basket and, while both were quite lovely, I was immediately taken with one of them. It is one of those beaded, chunky but not too big, funky but still understated, perfect length, hits right at the collarbone, immediately makes anything I’m wearing that much cooler necklaces. The color is amazing too, with beads all in the amber family, which brought the Polish pride right out in me as usual. I wore it nearly every day for a few weeks and then, when Jason and I were visiting the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx with Aaron and Erin, tragedy struck. Without warning, the cord holding the beads together snapped, and tiny seed beads and marble-sized beads alike went flying all over the trail. We scrambled frantically to get them all, but I was sure we missed a lot. I was pleasantly surprised when I set out to restring the necklace and came up with a sad but substantial pile of beads.

fixed necklaceIt didn’t look like much, but after doing a quick inventory I realized we had an even number of everything, even seed beads, except for one missing spacer. I could tell a few seeds were missing, but overall it went really well. So I popped in a beloved movie, hummed quietly to myself, and set about reordering and restringing the beads on some new necklace filament. I’ve never done this before and was completely winging it, but after some careful calculating and measuring, I came up with the closest approximation to the necklace’s pre-accident amazingness.

i heart necklaceIt turns out this little side project was exactly what I needed. As much as I love knitting, it seems I needed some sort of break, and fixing the necklace was something I’d been meaning to do for well over a year. In roughly 30 minutes I had a beautiful piece that I truly loved and created (I’m in no way taking credit for its beauty, but since I restrung it I feel some pride) with my own two hands and some patience. Knitting is great, but you can’t knit anything that fabulous in 30 minutes. Afterward, while triumphantly modeling in front of the self-timer in the middle of the night (note my new Victoria’s Secret pajamas. I love them!), I felt like a new knitter crafter. I was ready to take on the yarn-loving world, and so finished my gauge swatch for Honeymoon and even cast on before bed. I’ve been knitting away on it tonight and I’m working on the waist decreases, and I’m glad I gave it another shot. My mistake before was mine alone, and I find myself contented with this pattern. I really enjoy knitting with Cotton Fleece, and the stockinette allows for mindless knitting in front of the tv* while the shaping keeps my interest. All in all it’s a really fun knit so far. I just hope it’s flattering on my weirdo curves!necklace detail

Tomorrow is my day off, and J and I are off to Salem with Aaron and Erin for some historical, witchy goodness. They are moving to Indiana in a few weeks and it’s really just hitting me. They are hands down our best friends here, and live a block away. Indiana will be close when we get to Michigan in August so we can still see them, but not nearly as much, and that makes me sad. So we’re squeezing in as much quality time with them as possible, and getting to do some really cool things as a bonus. Fun!

*Tonight my mindless knitting allowed me to watch what is my favorite channel: Spike. I realize that the 25 year old female knitter is probably the exact opposite of their demographic, which amuses me even further. Jason is always reminding me that I’m a quirky broad, and I think that’s clearly illustrated when I knit a feminine tanktop while feverishly watching season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter, yelling to Jason in the other room about the badassery of a take-down or guillotine. I’m a freak.



  1. that is a beautiful necklace… glad it brought you back (and as a plus, now you have it back!).

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